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How Come Trump Can't Spell?

For all the inside stories about Trump’s operation that we have read, the one account I would give anything to take a look at is the account written by the guy or gal who writes what used to be his tweets on his Twitter feed and are now his so-called ‘truths’ on his scam social media page.

I say ‘scam’ because it looks like the company which was formed to pump dough into Truth Social’s funding effort was a vehicle for insider trading activities which netted what Grandpa would call three ‘goniffs’ (read: crooks) in Florida some ill-gotten gains and now will get this bunch some time in jail.

Trump isn’t being charged in this case, but it never ceases to amaze me how Donald just keeps attracting liars and swindlers to everything he tries to do.

Meanwhile, back to what he said yesterday on Truth Social, or better said, what some Trump Organization employee said on his behalf about what may be a new indictment coming down in the Georgia case: “I MADE A PERFECTLY LEGAL PHONE CALL, AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, ABOUT ANELECTION THAT I STRONGLY FEEL WAS RIGGED AND STOLLEN.”

The Fake News had a great time counting the number of lies that Trump made in public while he was in the White House. Most of the estimates had him lying at least once every time he opened his mouth.

Several web researchers put Trump’s misspellings at one misspelled word or name every five days, but they cautioned that misspellings and typos may not be the same thing, the latter just being the result of someone not taking the trouble to correct what they post online.

Either way, the bottom line is that we have never had someone representing the United States to the rest of the world who presents himself as someone who communicates on the level of a fourth-grader or maybe worse.

I don’t think there was anything about Trump which pissed me off more than this effort to develop and maintain a self-image which was deliberately developed to make him appear to be dumb. And not just dumb, but as an attorney for one of the convicted January 6th rioters said about his client, ‘dumb as shit.’

Like it or not, even though the IQ bell curve has fallen into disrepute thanks to how it was used to promote racist ideas, the fact is that brains are distributed throughout the human population the way that every other physiological element is stuffed into our physical frames, namely, that for every human being who is above-average intelligence-wise, there’s another person who just doesn’t and can’t get it, no matter what.

I am convinced, for no other reason than what I have seen in politics over the last sixty-plus years (I started following politics during the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy campaign) that very early during the 2016 campaign that Trump began to think that he could build a national political presence by appealing to all the so-called ‘forgotten’ people in the United States.

Who were these people? They were the poor whites who didn’t get all the welfare checks that allegedly went to the blacks, they were the trailer-park residents who couldn’t afford to live in a real home, they were the guys driving around in their trucks sporting their Confederate flags, they were the idiots who really believed that they had been screed over by something called the Deep State.

Resentment is an emotion which is a very powerful thing. And it’s particularly powerful and can easily be manipulated if you know how to make a resentful individual believe that you are one of them.

What’s the easiest and maybe the most effective way to demonstrate that you’re not going to become a member of the elite even if you get elected President of the United States? Use the internet to pretend that you’re just another, semi-illiterate guy who doesn’t worry about the niceties of proper speech.

Because education is a perfect marker for determining one’s social class. And what better and more immediate way to determine one’s educational level than whether you know how to spell?

There’s only one problem with this strategy, namely, that to win the popular vote for President, you not only need the total dummy vote, but you also need some votes from people who possess at least an average IQ.

It’s also not clear that all the dumbbells who allegedly love Trump take the trouble to read his misspelled rants. If anything, he probably pretends to be illiterate in order to piss off people like you and me.

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