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How Come Trump's No Longer a Dictator?

              For all his bluster and bullshit about how he now hates Fox News, Trump continues to use the network as his personal sounding board and gives the network interview time that nobody else in the Fake News gets.

              He not only gives Fox plenty of free time, but Fox has the fucking balls to refer to his appearances as ‘interviews’ when he’s never asked a single question that he didn’t give them to ask before the interview actually begins.

              The latest example of this astonishing lack of media sensibility was when Trump was on yesterday’s show with Maria Bartiromo and was given an opportunity to disavow his ‘day one dictator’ comment, which he promptly did.

              This was a comment he made on an appearance with Sean Hannity (who works for Fox but actually really works for Trump) in which Trump declared he was going to do all sorts of things on Day One of his second Presidential term, like shut down the border completely and open up every inch of space for oil drills, and get rid of all those Communists and Socialists who work for the Federal Government.

              And he is going to do these things and other things without any Congressional support at all. Hence, he’s going to be a ‘dictator’ for one day, which he then told Bartiromo yesterday was a ‘big joke.’

              The truth is that Trump will do all these things the way he did everything when he was President, his definition of ‘doing’ meaning he’ll stop watching the TV in the Oval Office for five minutes, surround himself with a group of grinning sycophants and furiously scribble his name on a pile of papers as if this brief video moment means anything at all.

              You know goddamn well that sitting in some toilet in Mar-a-Lago is a box which contains all the video cassettes of what some day will be a docudrama called ‘The President,’ which will play every night on HBO while Trump sits in the TV room at Otisville or Butner and along with the other inmates watches the show.

              Because that’s what Trump did when he was President the last tine around. He played President, so to speak, which is all he knows how to do.

              But the fact that he actually made a point of walking back his statement about being a ‘dictator’ on Day One of his second term is a remarkable moment in contemporary politics, because it’s the first time that Trump has ever taken the trouble to correct anything he ever said.

              Did Trump ever so much as hint at the possibility that maybe his belief that there were some ‘good people’ cheering the Nazis as they marched through Charlottesville was something that any idiot with an IQ under 90 would have known not to say?

              But the reason he said it is the same reason that he referred to himself as a ‘dictator’ on Sean Hannity’s show, which is that Trump will say whatever he has to say to keep himself in front of his MAGA  goon squad, which us slowly but surely turning out to be the only votes that Trump will be able to count on if he actually makes it to the starting gate on November 5th.

              Yea, yea, I know he finished out in front both in Iowa and New Hampshire. But in case you didn’t notice, the winner of the Iowa GOP caucuses has never headed the Presidential ticket for the red team, and when she finally started running a serious campaign, Nikki Haley’s numbers in New Hampshire jumped by 50% in less than three weeks.

              Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really care who ends up running against Joe. But I find it interesting that Trump felt the need to disavow his own comment about being a dictator, and this can only mean that he realizes his so-called MAGA base isn’t large enough to deliver a vote that will count.

              Gee, what a surprise that the average American actually thinks that his or her vote really counts.

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