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How Long Can Trump Stay in the Race?

I’m going to make a prediction and if anyone wants to bet against me, I’ll take the short odds.

My prediction is this: By Labor Day, elTrumpo is going to be dog sh*t in terms of 2024.

Why do I say that? Because increasingly he is forgetting the most important thing that anyone running for public office needs to do, which is to tell the voters why he should be elected instead of the other guy.

For all his nasty talk about Hillary and how she needed to be put in jail, elTrumpo actually made very specific promises during the 2016 campaign, and here were the top five:

1. Build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

2. Ban Muslims from entering the country.

3. Bring back manufacturing jobs.

4. Impose tariffs on goods imported from Mexico and China.

5. Renegotiate or pull out of the North American and Pacific trade deals.

There were other promises too, like cutting taxes (which is something that every GOP Presidential candidate always says), getting rid of Obamacare (that one went over big) and pulling out of the nuclear-freeze deal with Iran, although nobody really understands what the deal meant either then or now.

As the 2024 campaign continues to heat up, Trump seems unable to make any public statement, either verbally or digitally, which isn’t a statement about himself. He’s a victim of this, a victim of that, and of course all the legal charges against him are nothing but fake charges manufactured by the George Soros-led Deep State.

On the rare occasion that Trump does say anything about his post-2024 plans once he’s sitting behind the real Resolute desk, his governing strategy consists of nothing more than cleaning out the rot in various ‘weaponized’ federal agencies like the FBI and the DOJ. He’ll fire this one, he’ll fire that one, and don’t forget that he’s going to pardon all the patriots who have been convicted for rioting on January 6th.

Trump has already announced that he’s planning to skip the GOP primary debates because he’s so far ahead in the polls that why should he give any other candidate any time to stand next to him and speak?

The polls continue to show Trump with a 30-point lead or larger over the rest of the field, but that’s because the numbers for DeSantis continue to shrink and no other GOP candidate has even started to run a serious campaign.

On the other hand (here we go again with Eisenhower’s ‘on the one hand this’ and ‘on the other hand that’ press-conference response) the national polls are basically a toss-up between Trump and Joe, even when surveys continue to show that many Democrat(ic) voters would rather see their party dump the current President and go with someone else.

Those numbers will probably change now that the AFL-CIO has come out in support of Joe’s campaign, and by the way, I don’t recall the unions ever previously making their endorsement so early in a Presidential race. In 2020, the AFL-CIO backed Joe six months’ before the actual vote; this year the endorsement has come more than 16 months before the day we actually have to show up and vote.

Let’s not forget one other thing about the Trump-o campaign, which is that we still haven’t heard from the Grand Jury in Georgia which is allegedly going to issue an indictment sometime during the Summer months. There is also talk that Jack Smith may come up with more charges against Trump on the documents issue or for his role in planning January 6th.

What we don’t know, of course, is whether people representing Trump are engaged in discussions with various Federal prosecutors about copping a plea or discussions with the White House for a pardon if everything else fails. But either strategy would probably make it more difficult for Trump to continue his daily rants against the various manifestations of the Trump-hating Deep State, which happens to represent the total sum and substance of Trump’s 2024 campaign strategy to date.

So, back to where we started, and I’ll repeat that I’m taking the short odds on whether Trump will be a factor in the 2024 campaign after Labor Day.

Send me an email, put up a Jackson and we’re good to go.

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