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How Much More Noise Can Trump Make?

I’m still waiting for someone, anyone, to explain to me how we elected someone so friggin’ dumb to be President of the United States. How did that happen? How could it happen?

Here’s a guy, I’m talking about Orange Sh*thead Donald Trump, who informed the world that he will not ‘partake’ in the investigation of his behavior by a Special Counsel appointed by Merrick Garland last week.

Does Trump even know what the word ‘partake’ really means? Is he even slightly aware of the fact that a Special Counsel doesn’t need his approval or his participation in order to investigate the way he behaved?

Usually when some big swinging dick becomes the subject of a DOJ investigation, he gets some lawyer to get out there and say that of course, his client will ‘cooperate’ with the efforts of a prosecutor to land the guy in jail.

But Trump isn’t just another swinging dick. He’s Donald Trump, so he’s not going to ‘partake’ of the investigation at all.

Yesterday Trump showed up on video to talk to the 40 or 50 Jews who voted for him in 2020, Jewish-Americans having completely abandoned Trump after he discovered that there were some’ good people’ who supported the Nazi march through Charlottesville in 2017.

This particular group, the Republican Jewish Coalition, was founded by Trump’s asshole buddy, Sheldon Adelson, who’s no longer around to help Trump or any other Republican politician buy, steal, or otherwise glom a few votes. And as Hillary Clinton discovered in 2016, it's not money which wins a political campaign, it’s votes.

Meanwhile, the same day that Trump-o told the Las Vegas bunch how the 2020 election was stolen from him (yes, he’s still going on and on about that one), a poll was released which asked 1,099 Republicans in Texas whom they wanted to run in 2024 on the GOP line. And Ron DeSantis garnered 43% of the responses, as opposed to 32% for Orange Sh*thead Trump. This same polling company did an 823-person survey last month which found Trump up over DeSantis by 17 points.

In other words, if Trump is beginning to fade in Texas of all places, then he’s certainly going to be fading everywhere else. And the last thing the GOP needs is a 2024 Presidential candidate who won't ‘partake’ in a criminal investigation launched and run by the DOJ.

The other big Trump-o news was the decision by Elon Musk to restore Trump’s Twitter account, which I suspect reflects the fact that Twitter revenues better start moving North or Musk may find his $44 billion investment quickly moving South.

But what was most interesting about Musk’s move to reinstate Trump is that the event got mentioned here and there but it was no big deal. To me, what was interesting about Trump’s revival of his Twitter account was that when Musk was asked whether he would also reinstate Alex Jones on Twitter, he responded with a clear and immediate ‘no.’

Jones had more than 900,000 followers on Twitter, a far cry from the 88 million followers that Trump had before he was banned. But one of those 900,000 followers of Alex Jones was Schmuck-o Trump, who used conspiracy theories peddled on the InfoWars website by Alex Jones to build his own base.

The truth is that everyone is sick of Trump’s digital bluster and bull sh*t except Trump. He begged off from returning to Twitter after his reinstatement, claiming he would stick with his own Truth Social site where claims to have 4.57 million followers, even though this digital platform is still running in the red.

My sister tells me that when she was in law school, a professor once told her class that if they went into court, they should first try to argue the facts. When that didn’t work, they should argue the law. And when that didn’t work, they should make a lot of noise.

Was Trump a student in my sister’s law school class?

Meanwhile, the House GOP leadership has also learned how to make noise. They are promising to conduct all sorts of investigations against the Biden White House once the new Congress convenes. At least this will give them something to do, because it’s not as if they can produce any legislation which will get past the Senate or get signed by Joe on the Resolute desk.

In other words, thanks to Trump, the Presidential campaign cycle which used to be twelve and then eighteen months, has now been stretched to two years. Imagine – two years of noise.

Believe me, I’m not complaining because at least I’ll also have something to write about every day.

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