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How Violent Will We Get Under Trump?

I have a brother-in-law who is truly a man of God. He’s an Episcopal priest who has spent his life doing good works for the human community and usually does them for free.

So, when I finish this column, I’m going to ask him to ask God to please, please get Donald Trump elected as Speaker of the House, because this will guarantee that the United States will have seen the last of the GOP.

Yesterday, Trump was saying that he couldn’t possibly serve as Speaker because this would take away from his 2024 Presidential campaign. Then changed his tune and said that he might consider serving as Speaker on a ‘temporary’ basis, if only because it would allow the GOP to become unified again.

Can you imagine the balls on this guy? Here’s someone who has done more to create political divisiveness than anyone alive and now he’s describing himself as a unifier? That’s just too good to be true.

Meanwhile, his friends in the Fake News continue to ramp up the stories about how Trump is not just a threat to the political system, but now believes that the continued immigration over our Southern border could cause a massive medical threat to the entire United States.

Evidently, Trump went on one of those alt-right internet networks and said that allowing immigrants into the country would ‘poison our blood.’ Obviously, the foreign-born who want to live in our country will somehow infect native-born Americans with some kind of diseases against which there is no known remedy and this being the case, continued immigration will make the Covid-19 Pandemic look like nothing more than a walk in the park.

We have obviously arrived at the point when there’s absolutely no relationship at all between what Trump says and any basis for what he says in truth or fact. At the same time, we continue to have a mainstream media which amplifies everything he says.

And worse, the Fake News not only strengthens the Trump echo chamber, but even adds its own version of hysteria to his remarks. On Thursday, one of MS-NBC’s noisemakers, Nicole Wallace, devoted a long segment to Trump’s increasingly violent rhetoric about how immigrants come from jails and mental institutions, and she also repeated Trump’s crazy notions about immigrants poisoning America’s blood.

The program also showed a demonstration outside of a public school on Staten Island where newly arrived immigrants are being housed, and the tape played some angry, nasty comments being made that were right out of the Trump playbook.

Whaddaya want from Staten Island?

But the point which shouldn’t be missed is this: For all the talk about how Trump is a latter-day Hitler now spewing the most racist and offensive stuff and saying things in public that in the ‘olden’ days would never be said, I don’t notice he’s got all kinds of armed patriots marching around announcing how they’re going to kill this Commie or that Socialist or hang George Soros and smash the Deep State.

In 1933, before he took over the government, Hitler commanded a private group known as the Sturmabteilung, or SA, which consisted of 250,000 armed, uniformed men who openly terrorized and assaulted opponents of the Nazis right in the street. Mussolini marched on Rome in 1922 with 25,000 armed troops who wore uniforms and were called the ‘black shirts.’

What were the uniforms worn by those putzes who swarmed into the Capitol on January 6th? One of them wore a helmet right out of the Kirk Douglas movie ‘The Vikings.’ Another of those assholes wandered around the Capitol dragging a Confederate flag. As for weapons, the chief piece of armament seemed to be some spray that hikers carry in the woods to ward off bears.

For all the continued liberal fear mongering about how the legions fighting for Trump will soon initiate a civil war, do you notice how many instances of mass violence have occurred in the last three years? Do you notice all those armed, MAGA battalions marching through the streets?

Trump’s language has become angrier, more profane, and even includes some physical threats. The crowd loves it when he refers to ‘crooked Joe Biden’ or calls Joe a ‘stupid son of a bitch.’ But Joe is still President and Trump’s on his way to jail.

Offensive language never killed or injured anyone and for all his rants and cursing, I don’t notice how Trump has lined up an army to use for overthrowing the government. After all, the last hapless bunch which responded to Trump’s call for violence against the Deep State are now all in jail.

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