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I'm Serious: George Santos for President!

Now that the Fake News can’t stop being offended that the GOP has seated George Santos without even a murmur of concern, let me break it gently to my friends on the Blue Team, okay?

Not only should we congratulate Congressman Santos for his electoral success, but we should try and promote him to a leadership position in the Congress and get him nationally known on C-SPAN, internet video channels, radio and TV.

First and foremost, Santos should be given a Chair on one of the important Congressional committees, maybe Judiciary or Rules, so that he can get media coverage every day. I was going to push the same idea for Marjorie Taylor Greene, but all of a sudden, she’s become so respectable and mainline that it’s almost as if she switched brains – that is, if she has a brain.

I can just see Santos getting on the House Judiciary Committee and all of a sudden remembering that he has a law degree. Now the fact that he has claimed both phony BA and MBA degrees is no reason why he wouldn’t forget a stint at Harvard Law. After all, it took him a couple of years to remember that he once had a brain tumor, so why would he be expected to recall passing the bar?

The reason I’m indulging in such Santos hyperbole is because I am increasingly convinced that the GOP won’t have a single, real issue to use against Joe in 2024, so they’ll have to come up with something really crazy this time around. Trump learned in 2020 that nobody gave a rat’s damn about Hunter Biden’s laptop, nor did anyone care about the millions that flowed into the Biden wallet thanks to deals made with the Chinese.

It also is beginning to look like neither the Democrats nor the alt-right Republicans will have Donald Trump to kick around anymore. I’m hardly the only one saying that Trump’s a goner these days. Just check out yesterday’s op-ed by Charles Blow in The Failing New York Times. If someone as smitten with Trump-itis as Lauren Boebert could publicly tell Trump to shut the f*** up, you know that MAGA is coming to an end.

Worse yet for the Blue Team, all of a sudden, crazy noisemakers like Marjorie Taylor Greene are being shunned by alt-right internet megaphones like Infowars because she and most of the rest of the MAGA contingent are lining up behind Kevin McCarthy in his attempt to bring everyone who isn’t a Democrat under the GOP tent.

The problem for the Blue Team going into 2024 is that the GOP has finally figured out that the Roger Stone – Alex Jones approach to elections is a dead end. It worked for Trump in 2016, because he could only go to the Right to differentiate himself from all the other Republican candidates chasing the big prize. Then Trump found himself up against a Democratic opponent who did everything she could to lose the race.

How do you avoid making not even one public appearance in a state like Michigan for the entire 2016 campaign? You don’t, but she did. How do you futz around for three months before making the first statement about receiving classified emails at home, when your opponent is yelling about it every, single day on the campaign trail? You don’t, but she did.

Once Trump was installed in the Oval Office, by definition he became the leader of the GOP. But he’s not sitting behind the Resolute desk any more, and he’s become so pathetic that the folks eating dinner at Mar-a-Lago are ordered to applaud when he comes into the dining room.

Biden has been quoted as saying that he wants to run against Trump again. Who can blame Joe for saying that? But it’s not going to happen, and worse, there won’t even be a Trump wannabe on the campaign trail.

Which is why we need to do everything we can to get George Santos a daily appearance on Fox & Friends or some other media gig. And then we can all send him a few bucks every month and start spreading the word that even though we’re Democrats, we’re willing to give a ‘fresh face’ the chance he deserves and needs.

After all, anyone who thinks that Donald Trump was any less of a liar than George Santos didn’t pay attention to anything Trump ever said.

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