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I Won't Watch the Debate!

I’m not watching tonight’s GOP debate, Trump, or no Trump, and here’s the reason why.

Because I have decided to ignore the GOP from now on no matter who ends up running against Joe next year. And the reason I’m going to absolve myself of any more interest in the GOP whatsoever is because, as far as I’m concerned, the GOP has stopped behaving like a political party which represents anything at all.

In other words, fu*k ‘em. Or to quote Grandpa, they’re ‘vishtugidacht’ (read: no goddamn good.)

I used to think the Democrats represented the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), the Republicans represented the Chamber of Commerce, and we needed them both. Because in a capitalist society, either you accept the existence of private property, or you don’t. And if you would prefer to live in a country where you can’t go shopping and piss away some money on some piece of crap that you don’t need and will sooner or later toss, go live in Albania, okay?

Except the truth is that all those starving Albanians ain’t so starving any more. The country has developed a very nice tourist industry and some of its beaches on the Adriatic are as lovely and secluded as anything we used to have on the coastline south of L.A.

Anyway, back to the GOP.

Believe it or not, if the GOP can’t find itself unable to join in the generalized concerns about how Trump is leading the country towards Fascism, that’s fine with me. Trump is about as much of a Fascist as Leonard Mermelstein is a Fascist, and Leonard Mermelstein happens to be my cat.

And the idea that those MAGA shitheads who ran around the Capitol on January 6th with their Confederate flags and stealing the pencils off of Nancy Pelosi’s desk represent an American version of the Black Shirts or the SA, is to quote Grandpa, ‘cholb en drerd’ (read: stick it up your ass.)

What really bothers me about the GOP and is the reason that I won’t pay attention to them any more is how they have manufactured this so-called ‘war’ against the LGBTQ, particularly the T part of that group.

We are the only country in the entire world which has decided that there’s any reason why men and women can’t take a piss in the same toilet bowl. When I went to Paris in 1969 to enroll in graduate school, it took me a day or two to realize that those public toilet stalls standing in the middle of the street could be used by men and/or women at the same time and nobody cared.

Who has the time or the energy to give a rat’s damn whether a man who is now a woman can participate in women’s sports? Who gives a rat’s damn about sports?

Remember when it was a big deal when a bi-racial couple walked into any public space? For that matter, remember when it was illegal in many states for blacks and whites to get married? Remember when the word ‘marriage’ only applied to two individuals who were male and female before either of them changed their gender either through surgery or just how they preferred to be called?

So now we have everyone sending their emails with a whole bunch of pronouns after their given names. Who gives a shit? Who has time or energy to care about such things?

If the GOP wants to decide who will have legal authority to launch a squadron of F-35 fighters or B-2 bombers to bomb the shit out of North Korea, or China, or anywhere else, good for them. But I’m not going to pretend that such a decision should be in the hands of some asshole who actually has the balls or the vagina to stand up in front of a national TV audience and explain why we need to ban books that contain a story about how Jim became Jane or Jane became Jim.

Thank you but I won’t watch the debate tonight and for that matter, I’ll skip Fu*ker Carlson crawling out from underneath his rock to kiss the fat ass of America’s Number One crime boss.

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