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If Not Biden or Trump -Then Who?

So, I started watching the NBC Nightly News and they were carrying a story about how Ticketmaster was going to make sure that they didn’t screw up ticket sales for the upcoming Beyonce tour the way they previously screwed things up for Taylor Swift.

And all of a sudden, I find myself watching Amy Klobuchar, the senior Senator from Wisconsin, and a sometime Presidential wannabee, making a statement about how she and other members of the Congress were concerned that Ticketmaster needed to make sure that there wouldn’t be any problem this time around.

This is all the members of the United States Senate need to worry about? Whether someone who pays Ticketmaster gets to see Beyonce bounce her tits across the stage?

Which I guess is really a big problem when the unemployment rate is 3.4% and a balloon is the biggest military threat.

What I can’t wait to read will be the GOP response to Joe’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. I suspect there will be multiple responses and of course Trump will have plenty to say.

But I’m really beginning to wonder how the GOP thinks it can convince 50 percent plus one of the voters that we are in the midst of what Trump continues to say is the ‘worst’ situation the country has ever faced. To his credit, I don’t even think that Trump takes himself seriously at this point.

On the other hand, neither Trump nor Biden seem to be getting anyone razzed up for 2024, and I’m beginning to think that maybe what we need is a change in the basic way we go about choosing the Presidential candidates for both parties, as well as their running mates.

The problem is that whenever a President is serving in his first term, it is automatically assumed that: a) he will run again, and b) that he will be nominated without having to go through any kind of realistic primary fight.

As to the choice of running mates, we don’t have primary contests for the Vice President because the winners of the Presidential primaries are allowed to pick whomever they choose after the primaries are done.

But there’s nothing in the Constitution which either gives a sitting President carte blanche to run again or allows him to determine all by himself who will be a heartbeat away from his job if he suddenly drops dead.

To quote Grandpa, would it be such a ‘gefailech’ (read: big deal) if the President couldn’t serve back-to-back terms? Trump may be having trouble raising money and his poll numbers are cratering as well, but even though a majority of Republicans want DeSantis to run in 2024, it’s not like those numbers translate into a blowout against Joe.

Meanwhile, polls also show that a solid majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to run again, but since nobody else will dare announce an intention to run when the guy sitting in the Oval Office may want to head the ticket next year, the choice right now seems to be Joe versus a guy named ‘someone else.’

When the great journalist A. J. Liebling first started out, he edited box scores of high school basketball games for The New York Times. His boss told him in no uncertain terms, that not only did he have to make sure that the names of all the kids playing for both teams were properly spelled, but that the box score also needed to include the name of the referee.

How was Liebling going to get the name of some referee who showed up in some high school gymnasium to call a game? So every time the game report didn’t include the name of the referee, Liebling wrote Joe Ignoto, the word ‘ignoto’ being Italian for ‘unknown.’ At some point Liebling was fired because you aren’t allowed to ever put anything into The New York Times that isn’t true.

Why can’t we copy A. J. Liebling and start talking about how Fred Ignoto is gearing up his Presidential campaign? Such a statement will certainly be as honest and relevant as what the GOP response to Joe’s State of the Union speech will be.

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