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If Rush Is Gone, So Is Trump.

If there’s one reason more than any that I’m glad Trump is no longer sitting in the Oval Office, it’s because if he were, I can guarantee you that right now he’d be planning a state funeral for Rush Limbaugh and making sure that Rush’s casket would spend several days in the same Capitol chamber that Rush’s most ardent fans trashed on January 6th.

I also suspect that Trump would have tried to get a waiver so that his good buddy could be buried in Arlington. So, what if Rush faked some medical problem to get out of serving in Viet Nam. Didn’t Trump do the same thing?

I was just watching the Fox ‘news’ channel and one of the Limbaugh wannabees, Mark Levin, said he was driving in his car when he heard that Limbaugh had passed away and he pulled over to the side of the road and started to cry. How touching.

You think Levin was crying because of how much he was devoted to Rush? No, he was crying because now that Rush is joining his good buddy Trump in the alt-right never-never land, the whole MAGA movement and everything that goes along with it may quickly go off out of sight. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch, by the way.

I started listening to Rush back in 1993 when his show was a combination of the Whitewater story from The New York Times plus however he chose to embellish the story every day. That’s right. The word ‘embellish’ is a polite way of saying that Rush made it up. And that’s a polite way of saying that he lied.

Rush lied all the time. He said things again and again that simply weren’t true. He spent years lambasting the medical profession for promoting what he called the ‘fraud’ of second-hand smoke. I wonder how he felt about those fabrications when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year.

The funny thing is that the more he lied, and the more he spun conspiracy theories about the Deep State, the larger his audience grew. You think Trump was the first public figure who promoted himself by accusing liberals of engaging in fraud? That line was right out of the Limbaugh script book and had been used and perfected by Rush for almost thirty years.

On occasion, Rush would let someone who called in accuse him of being not just pissed off at liberals, but too pissed off. This comment always gave Limbaugh the opportunity to spout one of his favorite lines: “We’re not angry – we’re informed!” Think that the practice of disinformation started with Trump? It was perfected by his good friend Rush.

Want to take 24 seconds and really get some enjoyment out of today? Take a look at how Trump’s Plaza Casino imploded yesterday in Atlantic City. The building’s been empty for seven years, another example of another great Trump deal whose mess was someone else’s fault. If this brief video isn’t a perfect graphic simile for what’s going to happen to Trump and his beloved MAGA movement, I don’t know what is.

Yesterday, Trump and his TV lawyer Rudy Giuliani, were sued by the NAACP and several Black members of Congress for violating the Ku Klux Klan Act, which was passed during Reconstruction to stop members of the 19th-century version of MAGA from preventing newly-elected African-American officials from carrying out their official duties in the South.

Can you think of a law better suited to apply against Trump and Giuliani than a law that was passed to forestall the activities of the Klan? I can’t.

I’m not particularly happy to see Rush good and gone. On the other hand, I certainly won’t bemoan the disappearance of his voice because if nothing else, he may have been the last place where Trump could continue to garner any support.

Did you watch Joe last night on CNN? His best line was: “I’m tired of talking about Trump.” Aren't we all.

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