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Is Everyone Sick of Donald Trump?

I happen to believe that the best political journalism in the Trump era is coming from Olivia Nuzzi, who writes for New York Magazine. She not only gets it but seems to show up at moments and at places where reporters covering Trump need to be.

Her latest appearance was at a Trump rally in Iowa, for which she posted some pics on her X site, along with some descriptive comments, the whole point being that Trump is beginning to hold rallies where nobody or next to nobody shows up.

And why should anyone show up at a Trump rally? All he does for an hour or longer is either talk about himself or whine about how terrible everything has become under Joe.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem that he and all the other GOP wannabees have right now is that yesterday the numbers came out and right now, seven one-hundredths of one percent (.007%) of the U.S. workforce is drawing unemployment benefits – that’s 1.2 million out of a total working population of 163 million.

Yea, yea, I know about all those illegals trying to sneak into Texas from Mexico or Venezuela or wherever they’re allegedly coming from. Last year the border cops apprehended 2.2 million illegals on the Southern border, the highest number of all time. That’s six one-hundredths of one percent (.006%) of the national population, okay?

And by the way, what we never get are the number of ‘illegals’ who have been arrested multiple times at the border because they happen to be sneaking into the United States to sell drugs, or pirated CD’s, or some other illegal product which as soon as they dump their load, they turn around, go back to Mexico to pick up some more contraband again.

So, what do we end up with in all these terrible times? We end up with the GOP trying to make a case for running the country after 2024 by going after Joe Biden’s son. Hunter didn’t say anything about being a drug user when he bought a handgun which ended up in a garbage dumpster a month after he brought the gun home. If this isn’t a threat to national security, maybe someone can tell me about a bigger threat.

The real question about Trump’s dismally small crowd at the Iowa even attended by Olivia Nuzzi is whether any of the other GOP Presidential candidates is drawing a crowd. Here’s DeSantis at a welding company outside of Sioux City.

Kind of reminds you of Giuliani standing in front of the lawncare company in Philadelphia and announcing the national effort to blame the Democrats for stealing votes in 2020, doesn’t it?

If it weren’t for the fact that the Fake News has become a major employer now that political campaigns run year-round, nobody would be paying attention to all these GOP Presidential wannabees at all. In fact, I’m going to start referring to the Fake News as the Fake Political News because other than an occasional hurricane which turns into a tropical storm, that’s what all the news has become. News about nothing.

I hate to say it, but even the news about the endless indictments and charges against Trump and his gang in Georgia, New York and elsewhere is beginning to wear thin. I used to get 700-800 readers on my Medium blog whenever I posted a column about Trump. Now I’m lucky if 500 Medium subscribers will read today’s column which tells me that what Olivia Nuzzi saw at the Trump rally in Iowa is becoming a generic response to Trump.

Andy Warhol was correct when he predicted that everyone would eventually get only 15 minutes of fame. Whether he actually said it or not, Warhol used his artistic talents to become an expert on turning a person into a brand.

Although Trump met Warhol at a birthday party for Roy Cohn and later talked about Warhol doing a portrait of Trump Tower, they never connected for a joint project. But the Trump mug shot which looks surprisingly like a Warhol image is selling as a t-shirt on Trump’s website for $34 a pop.

Jack Smith, Fani Wills or Letitia James better come up with something which really puts Trump into deep shit or nobody’s going to care whether he ends up in jail or not.

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