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Is Joe More Demented Than Trump?

              So, the latest attempt to convince voters that Joe is too demented to serve a second term didn’t come from some lackey working for Trump or the RNC, but from an attorney in the DOJ who interviewed Joe about the classified documents that were stashed in his house.

              This guy, a special counsel named Robert Hur, has issued a report which claims that Joe is an ‘elderly man with a poor memory’ who is ‘painfully slow’ and couldn’t even remember the dates when he served as Vice President under Barack.

              According to his official biography, Hur is a Republican, which is probably why Merrick Garland chose him to conduct this investigation into how Joe handled all those secret affairs of state. But even if Hur had recommended an indictment, not to worry because Trump will still keep whining about how the Democrats have ‘weaponized’ the Department of Justice and the courts.

              The interview with Joe happened to occur two days after the attack by Hamas against Israel, which may have been a time when Joe had something more important to think about than this bullshit thing about so-called ‘classified documents’ sitting around his house. But Special Counsel Hur, who has no training, background, or experience in anything related to neurological functions or impairment of same could still diagnose Joe as being neurologically impaired.

              Lemme tell you something about Robert Hur and all those other know-it-alls who are in charge. Hur was born in 1973, which means that when Ronald Reagan was President, Hur was in his teens. He probably thinks that Khrushchev is a country located somewhere between Iraq and Iran. When I told a conservative friend that Reagan enacted the biggest tax increase in history by doubling the payroll tax to save social security, he said, “That’s not an income tax! That’s a payroll tax!”

              As for my left-leaning friends who haven’t yet reached their 60th birthday, when I once told one of them that I didn’t like Ralph Nader because that stupid book he wrote about the Chevy Corvair was an attempt to destroy America’s one, truly progressive industrial union which gave us employer-based medical coverage he blinked and then said, “How did your parents pay for a trip to the doctor?’

              How do you think they paid? They paid cash or they promised somehow to pull the money out from underneath the mattress. That’s how they paid.

              My point is that your brain can be working much faster in your 30’s than the speed at which your brain will operate when you’re my age – I’m seven months short of my 80th birthday. But someone in their 30’s or 40’s doesn’t have the memory and historical perspective that I have, which means there are things I understand because I can compare what’s happening today to what happened fifty or sixty years ago.

              Someone who was born after the Berlin Wall came down may be able to count backwards from ten faster than I can, but when it comes to figuring out what we should do about Israel’s daily demolition of the Gaza Strip, such neurological proficiency doesn’t count for shit.

              I’ll know it’s time to let go of the drama of daily living when I can’t remember my PIN before I pump a tank of gas. Sometimes I can’t remember the name of one of my six grandkids but so what? I send each of them walking-around money every month so they’ll remember Grandpa, but they don’t need to remember my name either, for all that’s worth.

              They’ll remember my name if they visit me in the cemetery, and if you think I’m being morbid, I’m simply acknowledging the natural order of things. Because by the time I go to my eternal rest, hopefully my children will be old enough to pass on a realistic historical perspective to their kids.

              And also, hopefully this perspective will be based on something just a little bit more historically absorbing than what they just heard on CNN.


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