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Is Joe Too Old to Run in 2024?

Last night I watched Joe’s Oval Office speech and I have to admit he’s getting old. He looks old, he sounds old, he’s old.

Joe’s almost twice as old as Ron DeSantis, who was born in 1978, when Joe had already been in the U.S. Senate for 6 years.

But every time I hear those GOP shitheads talk about Joe’s age and how the United States can’t afford to rely on a Chief Executive who would be older than any other President the country has ever had, I begin thinking about what the word ‘age’ really means, particularly when the word is used to describe someone in public or political life.

This whole ‘age’ thing has become nothing more than a piece of political nonsense thrown around by the GOP to deal with a Democrat(ic) administration which is sitting atop a national economy where the labor-force participation rate is the highest it has been since 2007 and the demand for labor is at an all-time high.

And while Trump can continue to lie about how he was going to get all our troops out of Kabul without anyone getting killed, the country is not facing any military threats from anywhere. And if there was a threat, is anyone out there ready to deal with an F-35?

The problem facing the GOP is that Trump lies about everything all the time. And it’s okay to lie to Sean Hannity but it doesn’t work that well when you find yourself up against Alvin Bragg or Jean Carroll, and this may be just the start.

Can Trump continue to campaign if he’s indicted by the Grand Jury in Atlanta or facing charges brought against him by Jack Smith? He can call these investigations ‘witch hunts’ all he wants, but that term usually means that someone, usually a woman, has supernatural powers. The authority of the agencies going after Trump, however, is defined quite clearly in a document known as the Constitution, which wasn’t written by a bunch of guys who flew down to Philadelphia on their broomsticks, okay?

By the way, I’m a certified Trump-hater from way back, but I also happen to believe that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians at all. The fact that he allowed ass-kissing sycophants like Flynn and his son-in-law to shoot their mouths off to anyone and everyone who approached them with a ‘good deal,’ is only proof of how little attention Trump pays to anything which doesn’t involve making a buck on his name.

Anyway, now back to Biden and the issue of age.

The real question about a person’s age is not whether they can still think clearly and understand what’s going on. Look at Warren Buffet who will be 93 y/o in a couple of months. The more important issue, it seems to me, is how age influences how something thinks about the world around them, because older people tend to view issues in more conservative ways.

What I like most of all about Joe is that he doesn’t seem to have a problem with the way in which our country is becoming increasingly more diverse in terms of gender and race, which is a lot more important to me than whether my neighborhood is still all-white.

When it comes to things like music, sports, fashion, food – all the things that make life interesting for the brief amount of time that each of us spends on this Earth – I find white people for the most part to be dull and boring because they spend their time trying to figure out how to remain on top.

Which is why Trump still appeals to a few idiots and morons who believe all that MAGA crap.

Yesterday I drove past the house of someone who was flying two flags in his front yard. One flag said “Fu*k Biden.” The other flag said “MAGA in 2024.” Those two statements are fast becoming about as relevant as ‘I like Ike!’

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