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Is the GOP Going to Suppress the Vote?

              Let me tell you a little story about a government-issued ID, okay?

              Back when I had my gun shop, I got a call from the ATF. They wanted me to dig up a background check form that a customer had filled out when he purchased a gun several years previously.

              In particular, the ATF agent wanted to know what gender the customer had indicated when he filled out the form.

              So, I dug through a pile of the forms for that particular year, found the customer’s form, called the ATF agent back and told him the customer had indicated that he was male.

              The reason I got this call was because the individual in question had evidently moved to Florida and in some kind of background check claimed to be a female and said that he-she had gone through a background check when he purchased a gun in my gun store.

              What the individual had failed to tell the authorities in Florida was that between the time he purchased the gun and then moved to Florida, ‘he’ had become a ‘she’ by dint of having a sex-change operation performed.

              How much time, effort and energy was spent by two law enforcement agencies and a government employer tracking all this down?

              I recalled this incident the other day when I read a story on the NBC website which said that not only have eight states enacted voter ID laws since 2020, but that one in six voters live in 7 battleground states with new ID requirements which must be followed if someone wants their vote to be counted in 2024.

              So, now we have the Fake News looking for another narrative that will replace ‘Trump the Fascist’ and get everyone worked up. In that regard, what’s a better and more provocative line than the idea that people whose votes Joe needs won’t be able to vote? Because we all know that when anyone starts talking about voter ID’s, they’re talking about all those you-know-who’s in the inner city who are paid to show up and vote more than once.

              Actually, the 7 battleground states listed in this article accounted for just under 20% of all Presidential votes cast in 2020, so obviously making it more difficult for people to vote in those states could create problems for either Party or both.

              But if you take the trouble to read what these new voter ID laws actually say, you quickly discover that these laws may have absolutely no impact on the 2024 election at all.

              The new Arizona law requires a voter to state that he or she Is in possession of a government-issued ID when – ready? – they fill out a form that lets them register to vote, but if they choose not to list where they were born, they can only register to vote in a national election, not in any election for local offices within their state.

              The new Pennsylvania voting law is even a better one. It’s not a law at all. It’s a state constitutional amendment about voter ID’s which if it passes, will be inserted in the state constitution after 2024.

              The best one is Wisconsin, where a voter ID requirement has been on the books since 2011. There have been three Presidential elections since the voter ID law was passed in Wisconsin, and the Democrats have won two of the three.

              Let me try to make the next statement as politely as I can, okay? I have been listening to liberal pundits and reading liberal news for the past almost nine years and virtually every day what I get is an endless, vociferous, and vigorous recitation about all the lies and misstatements which come out of the mouth of Donald Trump.

              Know what? When it comes to misstatements and missing the point, the liberal media, a.k.a., the Fake News is just as bad.

              Okay, so NBC and the rest of them don’t necessarily make up their stories based entirely on whole cloth. But in their own stupid and[i]self-aggrandizing way, the pundits and writers who promote themselves on Fake Media liberal outlets are no more interested in getting to the truth of things than Donald Trump.

              The internet has become a quick and easy way to turn a buck if you can just figure out what your audience wants to read or hear. And if that’s what we are depending on to inform us about what we need to know, as Grandpa would say, ‘a be gezunt’ (read: stick it you know where.



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