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Is This The Future Of The GOP?

Last night I fell asleep wondering how come we hadn’t anything lately from Matt Gaetz? My concern was answered this morning when I saw a comment that Gaetz made yesterday to an alt-right media sewer, Newsmax, in which he offered Kyle Rittenhouse a job on his staff.

Gaetz is such a piece of sh*t that he not only wants to use the Rittenhouse trial to advance his own public stance, but he also violated what is a basic rule in public life, which is that you don’t comment on a trial while it’s going on.

He’s going to offer Rittenhouse a job, assuming of course that Rittenhouse isn’t in jail, because he knows that a guy who killed two people and injured a third because he only wanted to protect someone else’s property would no doubt be interested – ready? – “in helping the country in other ways.”

Gaetz isn’t a piece of sh*t. He’s worse than that. He’s the kind of slime creature who crawls out from underneath a rock when the public narrative gets so extreme that he can get away with saying whatever he wants to say.

And when did this extreme public narrative first emerge and become part of the political mainstream? When a certain person announced on June 16, 2015, that he was running for President, a speech he made in front of a roomful of people who were paid to show up that day.

The good news, on the other hand, is that yesterday the House censured another GOP asshole, Paul Gosar, for tweeting a video which showed him attacking and killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I hate to say it, however, but the uproar caused by this video was the best piece of publicity that Ocasio-Cortez has ever received, even going beyond the news coverage of how that moron Marjorie Taylor-Greene verbally assaulted AOC outside of the House chamber in May.

The only moment in yesterday’s censure debate that I found interesting was the threat made by the GOP leader, Kevin McCarthy, that he would ‘get back’ at members of the Democrat(ic) caucus if his party regained control of the lower chamber in 2022. In other words, the mid-term election campaign has started right now.

Believe it or not, I hope that GOP actually wins back the majority next year. First, I suspect that Joe’s other infrastructure bill will have been signed into law, and legislatively there really won’t be anything more he needs to do. Second, all the GOP will manage to accomplish by controlling either one or both Congressional chambers is to piss everyone off with what will be the unbridled rhetoric of idiots like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

This will set the stage for what I believe will be the most important political event following the elections in 2022, namely, the decision by Donald Trump to run again in 2024, even though he may be the second Presidential candidate to run a national campaign from jail.

All joking aside, if Trump were to head the GOP ticket in 2024, there’s no doubt in my mind that his rhetoric and his narratives would make what Gaetz, Greene and other GOP loudmouths are saying today sound like something right out of Little Miss Muffett or even more benign.

Last week Bill Maher went on CNN and predicted that Trump would run again and that the entire GOP election narrative would shift more to the Right. He based his prediction on how Trump is going around the country trying to make sure that MAGA-style candidates will be running and getting elected in 2022, along with appointing compliant state election officials who will make sure that no votes are stolen in 2024.

Know why Joe pulled more than 81 million votes last year? Because everyone was sick and tired of Trump. And if I were sitting in the offices of the DNC right now, I’d be delighted at the idea that we would have Trump as our target again in 2024.

What would Trump run on in 2024? Taking all those construction workers off the highways and bridges that they will be repairing over the next few years? Or will he demand that payments be scaled back because the infrastructure bill will add $256 billion to the deficit over ten years? Trump, you should know, only added $6.9 trillion to the deficit over the last four years.

Trump will campaign the way he campaigned in 2016, 2018 and last year. He will mount the most offensive, racist, and disgusting political rhetoric that any President has ever used. And I am convinced that the electorate will very quickly get sick of him again.

Please Donald, please run in 2024 and help make the GOP into what it deserves to become. Not the know-nothing party which ran several racist, nativist campaigns before the Civil War. Just the nothing party led by nothings like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz.

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