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Is Trump America's Greatest Crime Boss?

              It’s now jut a few months short of 50 years since Richard Nixon resigned as President which was the final stroke in a two-year political drama which started with the June `17th, 1972 break-in of the headquarters of the Democrat(ic) National Committee at the Watergate Hotel.

              I always thought that the two greatest Americans were Richard Nixon and Arnold Rothstein, the latter was a gambler who tried to fix a World Series, the former was a President who tried to fix his re-election campaign.

              But for all the Sturm und Drang of the events surrounding Watergate, it has to be said that when it comes to being in the center of a multi-year media maelstrom which hasn’t yet even hit a full stride, both Nixon and Rothstein are rank amateurs when compared to Donald Trump.

              Rothstein pulled off his caper by handing out some dough to eight members of the Chicago White Sox team, who although banned from playing in the big leagues for the rest of their professional careers were found innocent of all charges brought against them in 1921.

              As for Nixon, even though nearly 50 people were ultimately convicted of criminal behavior connected in some way to the Watergate affair, including Nixon’s top staffers in the White House plus the former Attorney General, the entire episode never involved anyone beyond the Executive branch of the government or the Nixon campaign, both groups located and operating within the confines of Washington, D.C.

              Meanwhile, when Rudy Giuliani got up at his November 7, 2020 crazy press conference across the street from a porno shop in North Philly and claimed that the election had been ‘stolen’ by a national conspiracy operating in numerous states, what he said was absolutely correct except the scheme was the handiwork not of the Democrats and elements within the Deep State, but was organized and operated in multiple states by Trump himself!

              There was nothing connected to Watergate which matched the attempts by Giuliani and other members of Trump’s legal gang to go into court more than 60 times to get voting results overturned in at least 5 different states.

              When that scheme didn’t work, Trump then tried another, even more audacious scheme, which involved getting confederates to pretend they were electors who would go to D.C. and present themselves before the Electoral College from 7 different states.

              And even though Trump has never been connected directly to the planning for the Capitol riot on January 6th, this only demonstrates how clever he is as a crime boss who knows how to keep the cops away from chasing him.

              Here’s a guy who’s spent the last four years ranting and raving about how the system is rigged against him, and nobody seems to understand that when you want to get away with stealing something, whether it’s a national election or just a bag of potato chips from the local convenience store, you always cover up the crime by blaming someone else!

              I mean, that’s the first lesson you’re taught in Criminal Behavior 101, and I’m still waiting for one, single, so-called ‘expert’ from our side to figure that one out.

              Here’s a guy, I’m talking about Trump, who built an entire business operation by saying things about his real estate properties which simply weren’t true. He lied about the value of his buildings, he lied about their height, he lied about their occupancy rates, he lied about everything which made it easier and cheaper to get more bank loans and pay less taxes on every project that he built.

              And guess what? Getting elected as President of the United States was just another business opportunity for Trump and another opportunity to build his brand which was built on nothing but lies.

              Know what? The leopard’s spots don’t change. They weren’t any different for Arnold Rothstein or Richard Nixon, so they certainly aren’t going to be any different for Donald Trump.

              Meanwhile, just to put this whole thing into a proper perspective, none of the lies told by Rothstein, Nixon or even Trump caused the damage that was caused by what LBJ said about the so-called 1964 attack on the USS Maddox in the Tonkin Gulf.




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