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Is Trump an Anti-Semite?

Talk about scraping the veritable bottom of the veritable barrel. But that’s what’s happening now in political-pundit-land when the 2024 campaign started a year too early, consists of nothing except for Donald Trump’s daily/nightly rants, and has yet to produce any

meaningful activity on the Democrat(ic) side at all.

I mean, how many times can we talk about whether Joe is too old to run again?

I mean, how many times can we talk about whether Joe should choose another VP or stick with Kammie in 2024?

For that matter, why even bother to talk about the GOP primaries when the numbers for DeSantis keep going South and everyone else can’t even pull more than one percent of the primary vote?

Take a quick look at the Real Clear Politics GOP primary polls for 2024. It’s a joke. Trump has been sitting between 56% and 50% since April, DeSanctimonious has dropped from 30% to 20% over the same period of time, Pence, Haley, Scott and a couple of others split 27% and then there are about 30% who David Sedaris would call the ‘dog shit with cut glass’ voters, i.e., the undecided vote.

As for our side, Joe racks up 65%, Kennedy gets 14%, Williamson snags 5% and the dog shit number is 16%. But the real dog shit for the Democrats is the votes going to Kennedy. How would anyone vote for that asshole, I don’t care if his father was Jesus Christ.

Anyway, back to the bottom of the barrel, which is now a narrative about how Trump hates the Jews. He’s not only a Fascist, but he’s an anti-Semite to boot. And not only does Trump hate the Jews, but the entire alt-right movement is also becoming anti-Semitic because anti-Semitism and white supremacy go hand in hand.

If this argument is becoming another arrow in the quiver of liberal, pro-Democrat(ic) pundits, then this proves my above point, which is that the 2024 campaign is a dud from end to end. Let me explain with reference to my own family’s experience with anti-Semitism, okay?

My mother and her parents arrived in New York in 1923. Her parents, my maternal grandparents, were married in a Jewish shtetl named Boyarka, which was located 20 clicks west of Kiev and may or may not be in existence today. The village was visited in 2011 by a then Peace Corps volunteer, Jeremy Borovitz, who found the mill owned by my great-grandfather, but the village no longer contained any Jews.

Many of the Jewish residents of Boyarka were murdered in two programs which took place in the years directly after World War I. My grandmother saw her father, my maternal great-grandfather, shot dead before her eyes in the street.

Between the two programs, my grandfather and grandmother left the village and spent the next two years (during which time my mother was born) in Rumania, finally receiving visas in 1923 and arriving in America just before European immigration was shut down.

So, I was raised knowing a little bit more about anti-Semitism than most of my American Jewish friends, and certainly more than my non-Jewish friends.

On the other hand, by the time I finished high school in 1962, my parents could and did buy a house in just about any neighborhood and if I had gotten better grades, I could have attended an Ivy League school. When I drove into the parking lot of what had been a non-Jewish country club on Long Island which was now a Jewish club in 1985, most of the cars were BMW’s and Benz’s, okay?

Anti-Semitism is racism – no argument there. But the issue isn’t what people think, it’s whether racist thoughts are backed up and validated by laws. Racism was used to justify slavery in this country, and then continued to be used to justify laws which made it impossible for the population whose inferior legal status was eliminated by the 13th Amendment in 1865.

Did the passage of that amendment mean that blacks immediately became equal to whites? Of course not, particularly when various states then passed state and local laws which kept black Americans in an inferior place.

Was Trump a racist because he wouldn’t rent to blacks in some apartments that he and his father built in Queens? Goes without saying.

But what about the fact that Trump’s chief financial officer, Allan Weisselberg, was Jewish, as was his attorney, a now former guest at Otisville Prison named Michael Cohen?

Can someone employ a Jew in his business and still dislike or even hate Jews? Of course he can and Trump is hardly the only guy who ran a business which employed Jews and sold to Jews even though he didn’t like Jews. Ever hear of someone named Henry Ford?

Trump’s not an anti-Semite. He’s just a dumb schmuck who will sat whatever he thinks will make him sound big and tough. When he refused to categorically denounce the Nazis who marched through Charlottesville in 2017, he was admitting that his understanding of everything beyond how to build a luxury, hi-rise apartment complex only went skin deep.

Which is why I really hope he somehow manages to stay legally afloat long enough to head the GOP ticket in 2024. That’s because there are enough of us around to make sure that if there’s the slightest doubt about who is going to win, we’ll steal another election just like we did the last time.

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