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Is Trump Here To Stay?

So, on Saturday night, Donald Trump finally learned what it’s like to be a former President when he looked out over the Live Arena in Sunrise, Fl and saw a lot of empty seats. Trump and that other pussy-grabber, Bill O’Reilly, held the first stop of their ‘history’ tour and it was a dud.

That’s what happens when all of a sudden, everybody realizes that you have no authority to do anything at all. You can shoot your mouth off – fine. You can show up at some banquet and make a speech – fine. You can even hand out prizes for the best cherry pie at a county fair – fine.

But the truth is, you’re nobody. You used to be somebody. Now you’re just like the rest of us – a nobody.

Thanks to the Democrats who are going to use their investigation of the January 6th riot to try and impeach him for a third time, Trump continues to get his name mentioned in the fake news. But unless the January 6th Committee begins holding some public hearings and one of the guys who now says he won’t talk shows up and replays the role of Frankie Pentangeli in Godfather II saying that Trump told him to do this, and Trump told him to do that, the whole attempt to charge Trump with leading an ‘insurrection’ is going to collapse.

Can you believe that it’s only three weeks away from the day that those idiots ran up the Capitol steps waving their MAGA flags? And I guarantee you that the fake news will mark the anniversary with some op-eds about how close we came to an Armageddon-type event that would have shattered American democracy or worse.

But you know what? In a country which has a 4.2% unemployment rate, a Dow-Jones pushing towards 40,000 and a Pandemic which is only killing a thousand people a day (we normally lose 10,000 every day so why’s another thousand such a big deal?) the January 6th riot will become nothing more than the theme for a couple of movies and no doubt a ten-part, docudrama starring Gary Oldham playing Trump on Netflix.

Which will swing us into the mid-term election battle for 2022. And I’ll take the short odds right now that what happened in the last mid-term, when Trump ran around the country holding endless mega-rallies won’t happen again. Why not? Because what made his rallies such exciting and popular events was that nobody had ever campaigned like that before. So, it was new, it was different, but now it’s the same old, same old.

The other problem that Trump faces going forward is that nobody really cares about so-called election ‘fraud.’ Why did a majority of Republican voters believe that the 2020 election was ‘stolen’ from Trump? Because he lost the election, that’s why. As for this whole push for election ‘integrity,’ it’s just another slogan with about as much oomph behind it as ‘make America great again.’

I knew Trump was finished and was becoming just another nobody when there was a report last week that he told Benyamin Netanyahu to go fu*k himself in an interview he gave to the Israeli journalist, Barak Ravid. Talk about being desperate. Talk about saying something incredibly dumb to keep your name in the public sphere.

You don’t use that kind of language with the second-most important politician in a country which has been the strongest military ally of your country over the past fifty years. You just don’t. Think the GOP and RNC leadership didn’t get a few phone calls from the American-Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) after that hum-dinger came out?

Of course, if you believe the fake news media, you’ll believe that Trump’s ‘base’ is still so strong and still so much of a game-changer for 2024 that they’ll follow him and get him re-elected no matter what he says. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a single poll on Trump’s favorability this year which shows his negative-positive spread even close. The Wall Street Journal poll, for example, has him behind by 13 points, 54 to 41. Get Trump re-elected? Yea, right.

Want a good story about Trump’s downward slide? Try the piece by Matt Lewis in The Daily Beast. He makes the point that it’s impossible to maintain a serious presence in the political media unless you’re either running for office or contemplating same. He cites a couple of examples (Sarah Palin) who quit office and quickly faded away.

If this content gets some clicks, you’ll see the same story with some different sources, but the basic idea will be the same. And very quickly, both Trump and his so-called ‘base’ will start getting the same degree of attention that every other ex-President gets.

Anyone heard from Barack lately?

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2 comentários

Quite right as far as the Fake News goes, but the venerated (or is it venereal?), reliably Republican voters so beloved by the RNC that continue to clasp Trumpism, if not Trump, to their wailing breasts remain a rabid political force to be reckoned with. And that 38% or so among the citizenry that actually bothers to vote, coupled with those who would be struck dead rather than vote with anyone whose name is blemished with the big "D", you get a Republican wave again sweeping from the State Legislatures up into the Congress.

And that's downright terrifying.

Ref: Texas, Florida, and here in Michigan as elsewhere --


Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
14 de dez. de 2021

Yes, I did hear from Barack Obama when he campaigned for Terry McAuliffe who was defeated in the Virginia governor's race against no-name Glenn Youngkin.

This is the very reason why we need to contribute to the 2024 re-election campaign of President Biden. Our President is doing a great job!!!

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