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It's About Time: Trump Begins to Fade.

Want the single, all-time best story about Donald Trump? Okay. Here it is.

About a month ago, Trump set up a website to raise money for his legal defenses here, there, and everywhere. This is a link to an archived view of the site, and here’s a story in The Failing New York Times about how and why the site was posted online.

Now here’s how the site looks right now. Patriot Legal Defense Fund for Donald Trump. And in case Trump’s toadies take down the hacked version, here’s what the top of it looks like right now:

If you scroll down, you can donate to the ACLU, the NAACP and a couple of other genuine organizations which aren’t shall we say, at the top of Trump’s list for outfits he would like to support.

Tonight, I watched the CBS National News and for the first time in I don’t know how many months, Trump’s name wasn’t mentioned once. Joe not only got a whole story about his Camp David meeting with the guys from South Korea and Japan, but he also got mentioned in another segment about going to Hawaii to see the damage from that awful fire.

I’ll take the short odds against any of you that if Trump doesn’t show up for the Wednesday night debate, that his poll numbers will drop below 50%. Frankly, he’s doing the mart thing by staying away, because if he does show up, his indictments will Be mentioned by every other candidate every time any of them open their mouths.

I mean, what else do they have to talk about? Do you really believe that any of those bozos have anything to say about anything other than Trump when we have an unemployment rate of 3%?

Last week some media outlet ran a story about how even though everyone has a job, things are still very tight and younger people, in particular, feel they don’t have what they really need. They interviewed this young couple who are in their early 30’s and although both are working, they are still having trouble making ends meet.

I can just imagine how much they are paying each month for a combined telephone, internet, TV, and movie connection. I’m paying over $300 a month for Hughes, my landline phone and ten thousand DirecTV channels that I never watch. But these are household essentials, right?

Anyway, back to Trump and why once he begins to slip, he’ll soon begin to collapse.

Trump was never a politician in the traditional sense. He combined Twitter and Facebook to capture the digital audience, he got free advertising on an almost daily basis doing interviews for Fox News, and he held impromptu press conferences on the White House lawn even if most of those scenes were shot indoors on a White House sound stage.

But think about this. How many times during the four years Trump was President did you ever see him walk through a crowd of just average folks and shake hands? He would wave to the crowd at his rallies, but he never actually went up to the people who waited hours to get into the event and tapped them on the shoulders to thank them for coming out. He didn’t even mingle with the crowd who attended the event outside the White House when he nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Want to run for public office? I don’t care if you run for President or for the local school board, you still have to go out and meet the public. It’s called retail politics and either you do it or you can figure out how to do something else for a living.

Ted Kennedy was probably the best retail politician of all time. No matter what was going on, if he drove past a crowd he would pull over, hop out and walk through the crowd. There’s a reason he won his campaigns after Chappaquiddick.

Trump, on the other hand, is a completely invented guy who feels comfortable in front of a camera but nowhere else. So for all his talk about how he’s been mistreated by the ‘fake news,’ without that fake news following him around, he’d be (to quote David Sedaris) dog shit with cut glass.

And guess what? Now that he’s been told to shut the fu*k up by the judge, even the Fake News will begin looking for other stories to run on the national news report every night.

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