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It's Time To Shut This Guy Up.

I usually don't write a column on Sunday because I want to give myself and my readers a little break. But I have just come back from riding around some small towns in New Hampshire and Vermont to see the first snow and I wanted to write down some remarks about what I saw before I forget.

And what I saw in these little, New England villages (Milford, Peterborough, Swanzey, etc.) was actually what I didn't see, namely lots of lawn signs and banners supporting Donald Trump.

When I drove through these villages before the 2020 election, there were lots of Trump signs, certainly almost many or even more than the signage supporting Joe. In fact, had it not been for a lot of BLM signs, Trump's signage would have easily been greater than the signs for Joe.

But if you assumed that homes with BLM signage contained Democratic voters, then Joe was slightly ahead signage-wise in New Hampshire and well ahead in Vermont, which more or less tallied with the electoral outcome in both states.

When I drove through these same two states in January, many of the Trump signs and banners were still in place, frequently bearing the slogan, Trump - 2024.

Guess what I saw today as I drove on local, New England roads? Many of the BLM signs were still in place, but most of the Trump signs were gone. In other words, the local Republicans were doing in New Hampshire and Vermont what voters who vote for the loser always do - they'll regroup, see who becomes a serious candidate next time around, and then decide how or whether or not to vote.

Now you would think that the absence of Trump signage on the front lawns and porches of homes owned by his supporters would suggest that perhaps the love and devotion for the 45th President was beginning to run its course. You might believe this to be the case except that he remains the center of attention by the liberal media, a.k.a., the Fake News, which can't seem to get enough of him no matter what.

This morning before I left for my drive I looked at two liberal websites: Politico and Huffington Post, both of which had front-page stories about Trump in which they are promoting the idea that he still has a 'lock' on the GOP. Says who? Trump?

Neither story had any content at all which could be even remotely described as 'news.' The Politico piece was how Trump's Senate endorsements don't seem to be helping some candidates, even though the 2022 primaries are only six months' away. The Huffington story is basically some free advertising for the new kiss-and-tell Trump book written by ABC reporter Jonathan Karl.

Know how much hard news can be found in both front-page stories? None. But if Trump opens his mouth or someone else opens his mouth about Trump, this becomes 'news.'

Want some real numbers on Trump's political presence these days? Take a look at his website (Home | Donald J. Trump ( and then go to SimilarWeb and take a look at how many visits his website gets each month ( Market Share & Traffic Analytics | Similarweb).

Ready? Try a drop in reader traffic since May of 90 percent. Not 9 percent. 90 percent.

How about those big rallies he used to do? They are all listed on Wikipedia and since his inauguration he held 154 big events. He probably held at least another 50 rallies in 2016 and another 25 or 30 rallies after he announced his candidacy the previous year. That adds up to at least 200 big rallies over the last five years.

How many rallies has Trump held since he left the White House just before the General Services Administration guys showed up to toss his ass out? Five. That doesn't include the January 5th rally in Georgia which really helped the GOP keep control of the Senate. Yea, right.

I happen to think that the liberal media's coverage of Trump before, during and after the 2016 election was a disgrace. We have never had a national political candidate taken seriously who injected such racism and slander into a Presidential race. Another George Wallace perhaps? Trump was worse.

And after he became President, Trump upped the racism and the slander even more. Once he decided that the Nazis marching through Charlottesville weren't all such bad guys, as far as I'm concerned the entire media should have boycotted him for the remainder of his term.

How does an American President have the absolute nerve and the absolute stupidity to try and find any basis for saying anything positive about anyone who comes marching down the street with a swastika on their arm? Or, for that matter, anyone who would stand there and applaud as those Nazi assholes marched by.

And if this wasn't bad enough, the Fake News has now been engaged in an endless discussion about the Fascist 'threat' represented by Trump. The fact that Hitler had 250,000 SA thugs to keep his political opponents under control, while Trump can only depend on the Fake News media to keep him in front, oh well, oh well.

The latest attempt to keep Trump alive in the liberal blogosphere is a podcast on Ezra Klein's show in which the so-called expert, a journalism professor from NYU named Jay Rosen, now refers to Trump as a leader of the 'anti-democratic' forces, whatever that means. It doesn't mean anything, by the way.

After I publish this column I'm going to send The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Atlantic Monthly and a couple of other liberal Fake News publications messages telling them that I will not renew my current subscriptions when they run out.

If the liberal media wants to sanitize Trump so that they continue to generate clicks by kissing his ass, that's fine with me. I just don't have to pay them for the privilege of reading their crap and I hope you'll think about breaking your commitment to supporting them as well.

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend with family, friends or by yourself.

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1 Comment

Covid "news" along with Trump "News" insofar as TV "News" goes can both go to the "News" morgue as far as I'm concerned. The only real Covid "News" I've seen in many days is the actual news of the pandemic in Europe, as reported on the BBC, with great efficiency and economy. Not even a peep about this in any of the articles I scan through daily, but that's the US - nothing matters except us who live in the contiguous 48 and a few outliers. Oh yeah, and maybe Mexico, but only if it's about the invasion.

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