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Joe Biden Is the Best! The Very Best!

I have been a political junkie since I cut high school one day in 1960 and went down to Herald Square for a huge JFK campaign rally sponsored by all the garment unions in New York. I have voted in every election since 1968, and I have never voted for any Republican candidate or any third-party candidate including that egomaniacal Ralph Nader, who couldn’t destroy the UAW so he tried to destroy the blue team.

I am, when all is said and done, a yellow-dog Democrat and I will vote the Democratic slate again in 2024.

That being said, I believe and I say this without reservation of any kind, that Joe Biden is the best President to serve in my lifetime and I will vote for him again if he heads the Democratic slate next year.

Why do I say that? It’s very simple. He has demonstrated a level of leadership and decency which his predecessor tried his best to diminish, if not entirely foreclose.

The man who occupied the same office occupied by Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt didn’t once say anything without cursing, without insulting, without lying and most of all, without always making sure that the idea of government was whatever he decided it should be.

In other words, Trump had no respect either for himself or for the office he held, notwithstanding the fact that maybe half the world’s population regard the President of the United States of America as representing a political ideal which they want to follow and believe.

But let’s for a moment leave aside Joe’s biggest accomplishment, the fact that he obliterated any chance of Trump serving a second term and look at what Joe has done since he took the oath back in 2021.

· He empowered a government plan and strategy to end the worst, most threatening public health crisis since the pandemic which broke out at the end of World War I.

· He spearheaded two massive bailouts of individuals and businesses which had been impacted by Covid-19.

· He restarted NATO and put together an international coalition to support Ukraine and oppose the land-grab attempted by Trump’s good friend.

· He unilaterally ended a 20-year military adventure in Afghanistan which was going nowhere fast.

Most of all, and here’s what I really like about Joe, he runs the world’s largest corporation in a quiet and dignified way, and reduced the political opposition to making fools of themselves by either claiming that January 6th was just another peaceful, political rally or that we can bring America ‘back’ by clamping down on ‘woke,’ or both.

I love how the GOP noise machine is now claiming that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was due to the ‘failed’ political agenda of ‘woke.’ Meanwhile, the fact that the bank ran into trouble when its largest customer, Peter Thiel, withdrew his cash which started a run against bank reserves, kind of goes unmentioned by the alt-right media bunch. And it goes unmentioned because Thiel happens to be a major supporter of alt-right politicians who will be lining up to get things going in 2024 after Trump is indicted and drops out.

Except knowing Trump as I do, he’ll use any further legal threats as a way to put himself back on the top of the MAGA heap. Which will guarantee that Joe will be sitting behind the Resolute desk not just for another year, but for the next five years.

The more that dopes like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and George Santos shoot their mouths off, the more I get convinced that 2024 will be a replay of 1964, when LBJ sat back, let Barry Goldwater make a complete jerk out of himself and then rolled up more than 60 percent of the popular vote.

The problem, of course, is that only four years later we got Richard Nixon, who along with Ronald Reagan and half-and-half, is what California has given the rest of the United States.

Which is why I really don’t care if the entire Golden State is hit by floods, detaches itself from the Lower 48 and floats out to sea.

As Grandpa would say, ‘gai gezinta hai,’ (read: that’s enough of that.)

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