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Just What the Neighborhood Needs: Another Democrat Running in 2024.

So, now we have Cornel West who has decided to play the same, crummy role in 2024 that Ralph Nader played in 2000.

What happened in the 2000 Presidential race? George Bush Jr. was elected President because Ralph Nader ran as the Green Party candidate and siphoned enough votes away from Al Gore to require that a Right-leaning Supreme Court get involved and call the race.

Nader was on the ballot in 47 states, and he collected 2.74% of the popular vote. But where his votes made a difference in the overall outcome was in two states – New Hampshire and Florida, which together put 29 electoral votes into the GOP column and won things for George Bush.

In fact, while all the post-election noise focused on the Sunshine State, Bush still could have won the Gunshine State but if Gore had carried New Hampshire, those so-called ‘missing’ votes from Palm Beach County wouldn’t have mattered at all.

When all is said and done, Gore lost in the 2000 election by 7,211 votes cast by some rockheads in the Granite State, where Nader received 22,198 Green Party votes. Give Gore half those Green Party votes and Gore instead of Bush could have led the charge into Iraq.

Joe beat Orange Shithead by more than 7 million popular votes in 2020. But in the three states – MI, PA, WI – which Joe flipped back and gave him the prize, he got 1.02% more votes than Trump received in those three states.

Cornel West claims that he’s running because he cares about the ‘quality of life.’ He wants everyone to earn a living wage, have access to good public schools, drink only clean water, all the usual crap which is what Bernie Sanders claims is lacking in America because of our ‘unfettered’ capitalist system.

West is running as a candidate on some website known as the People’s Party, which is basically the Bernie campaign without Bern. They say they are ‘building’ a new independent party that will “guarantee health care, housing, quality education, and peace to all.” So, I sent them a small donation and received an acknowledgement but nothing since. I guess they’re busy building.

Thanks to federalism, you don’t ‘build’ a national political party by putting up a website. You have to go out and register your party in each and every one of the 50 states. Otherwise, nobody can vote for you and I’m one of these old-fashioned, pre social media guys who still believes that the whole point of being active politically is to get people to come out and vote.

But that’s not the reason that Cornel West is running as the candidate for the People’s Party. And by the way, I don’t notice that the Party held a convention to nominate Cornel, or even held a Zoom meeting. But like I say, I’m kind of old-fashioned, okay? Maybe the way you get into politics today is stick your picture on a website whether anyone can vote for you or not.

The reason that West is running for President is because he can continue to do what he has been doing for the last thirty years, which is to go here and go there, and shoot his mouth off about everything and anything having to do with race and politics in the United States.

I have absolutely no issue with Cornel writing and saying whatever he wants to write and say. My issue is that this is not the stuff on which a Presidential campaign should be based, particularly when just a couple of thousand votes in just a couple of states can decide which major party candidate is going to win a national race.

The truth is that guys like Cornel on our side want the other side to win. Because Cornel will get many more appearances on CNN if there a real racist like Shithead Trump in the White House, and not just some old, tired white guy like Joe Biden who knows how to say all the good things that liberals want him to say.

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