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Just What the Neighborhood Needs: Another Giuliani.

So, here’s Rudy Giuliani walking around a supermarket on State Island yesterday, a guy comes up to him, slaps him on the back, yells ‘What’s up, scumbag?” Then adds a few more choice words and walks away.

Turns out the guy was an employee in the store, and he was arrested and charged with 2nd-degree assault.

What happened to Giuliani? Nothing. He didn’t even need to see a doctor although he said today that the pain in his shoulder was so great that last night, he didn’t get any sleep. You can see a video of the attack right here.

The reason that Rudy was in the ShopRite store was because he was stomping for his son Andrew, who is on the ballot in tomorrow’s primary election for Governor and seems to be making a race of it against a long-time POS/GOP House member, Lee Zeldin, who represents Suffolk County which includes all those fat cats out in the Hamps.

The other reason that Rudy was on Staten Island is that what is also known as the Borough of Richmond happens to be the only one of the five New York City counties where a Republican can get any votes. That’s because all the city cops live on Staten Island and more recently there has been a fairly large Orthodox Jewish community showing up there as well.

So, I would guess that the Giuliani campaign figures that maybe Staten Island may give Rudy some of the numbers he needs to overcome what Lee Zeldin will probably pull from Suffolk County, where he happens to live.

I just took a look at the campaign websites of both Zeldin and Giuliani and I see a real difference between the two candidates. Zeldin’s website promotes him as a committed bi-partisan politician whereas Giuliani is a MAGA character right down the line. Why Giuliani thinks he’ll go anywhere in New York State politics by taking a hard line against all Covid-19 mandates, God only knows.

What makes Giuliani believe he has the credentials and/or the experience to be the Chief Executive of the Empire State? Here’s what he says about himself on his website: “He then joined the Trump administration as Associate Director of the Office of Public Liaison in 2017. In 2019, he was promoted to Special Assistant to the President. His role consisted of working with high-level business leaders and CEOs to help President Trump and his Cabinet Secretaries craft policy, specifically including the 2017 tax cuts, the deregulation of businesses of all sizes, and was proud of his work on the Opioid task force.”

This is all total horseshit. His White House job, for which he was paid $95,000 a year, was to arrange for White House visits by various sports teams, this usually involved a hamburger lunch and then Trump would show up for a quick photo op. He also was frequently Trump’s golfing partner on weekend rounds both at various Trump courses as well as overseas.

I get the distinct feeling that Rudy signed on as Trump’s personal attorney for free because that way the kid could get paid a fat salary for doing nothing at all. If nothing else, it can be said that even if Andrew Giuliani only showed up at the White House to run out with Trump for a round of golf, at least he had a job.

I think it’s really great that Andrew Giuliani has decided to lead the MAGA movement in New York State. I think it’s even better that his father walks into a supermarket and gets called a scumbag right to his face.

But let’s get serious for a minute, okay? I don’t expect dumb states like

Idaho or Mississippi to recover from Trump. But New York is a different case. If Giuliani wins tomorrow’s primary, this will tell us that Trump has accomplished the total and complete demolition of rational and reasonable thought in the POS/GOP.

Maybe that's not so bad?

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