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Let's Give Trump Back His Twitter Account.

Yesterday, lawyers for Donald Trump asked a Federal judge in Miami to restore Trump’s Twitter account, claiming that his permanent removal from the world’s most popular social media platform was a violation of his 1st-Amendment rights to free speech. I can’t recall the link right now, but several months ago Trump was quoted as saying that he didn’t mind not having access to Twitter because he was getting so much readership traffic on his own website.

This bum, I’m talking about Trump here, is such a liar that I don’t think he even knows when he’s lying. How much traffic is he getting to his website? Roughly 15% of the traffic he was getting four months’ ago. That’s how much he doesn’t need Twitter, right?

I’m not really sure that the 1st-Amendment covers free speech which someone wants to exercise on a privately-owned internet property which gives you access as long as you’re willing to pay for the privilege by drowning in advertisements that run on that website all the time.

On the other hand, I may know a lot about guns but I’m hardly an expert or even a legal novice when it comes to issues like how the Constitution does or doesn’t guarantee free speech. And believe it or not, I’m hoping that the Miami judge will actually grant Trump relief because I think the best thing we could have going for us is to be reminded on a daily basis just how stupid, mean spirited and God-awful this guy Trump really is.

The other day the United States passed the 700,000-mark for Covid deaths, which means that the overall mortality rate since the virus first appeared has gone up by some 15 percent. That’s not what Grandpa would call schmaltz (read: chicken fat) by any means. That’s a lot of deaths.

To what do we owe this grim statistic? We owe it to one sh*tass who decided all by himself to politicize a public health threat. How do you have the balls to stand up and tell people that their ‘freedom’ is being threatened unless they refuse to wear a mask to protect themselves from an air-borne virus? How do you have the fu*king nerve to hand over the complete responsibility for the federal response to a Pandemic to a thirty-something kid who has no experience in public health or public administration at all?

I’m talking about Jared Brat Kushner who at least since he cleaned out his White House office back in January has had the good sense to shut the f*ck up and disappear. Or maybe he’s just prepping himself for an appearance before the Congressional committee investigating what happened on January 6th.

Talking about that investigation, I’d much rather see Congress investigate Trump for how he responded to what he first called the ‘Chinese flu,’ then the ‘King flu,’ but now goes public on the need for everyone to get a vaccine, even if he continues to lie about the ‘revolutionary’ achievement known as Warp Speed.

The problem with keeping Trump off of Twitter and the other major social media sites is that, generally speaking, we tend over time to forget the bad and remember the good. And this is certainly the case when it comes to how we think about former Presidents, perhaps more than anyone else.

My father was a bone-fide Nixon hater over the entire course of his life. But about a year before Nixon died, Dad told me that Nixon wasn’t such a ‘bad guy.’

I really don’t want to find us looking back at Trump’s one-term Presidency with anything other than complete anger and disdain. And if he can start up his Twitter account again, we will be reminded on a daily basis of just how bad he really is.

As far as I’m concerned, Trump should be indicted and convicted for mass murder because he was first and foremost responsible for how we didn’t respond to Covid-19. And I don’t want him to just slowly fade away as yet another grand, old man.

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