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MAGA or GOP. Is There a Difference?

When the late Barbara Bush was once asked what she thought of Donald Trump being President, she said that if the only way we could get rid of the Clintons was to put up with Trump for four years, so be it.

I’m beginning to think that to paraphrase Mrs. Bush, if we have to put up with the GOP taking over the Senate and the House for two years in order to get rid of the whole MAGA bunch, so be it.

Just imagine what will happen in 2024 if beginning next year, we get a daily dose of Marjorie Taylor Greene running the House Appropriations Committee and pushing a bill penalizing any school system for teaching a course which doesn’t include a very clear denunciation of gays and LGBTQ styles.

Or better yet, imagine the Senate Health & Education Committee chaired by Rand Paul, who yesterday threatened Anthony Fauci because he believes that Fauci is – ready? – against immunizations.

Do you think that the MAGA political mentality only began with Trump? If we assume that MAGA is just a way to intimidate or attack anyone who actually believes in things like science, education, and the responsibility of government to provide for the welfare of all, then you haven’t been paying attention to guys like Rand Paul, who’s been attacking government-funded science research since he was first elected to the Senate back in 2010.

I love how Maga-types like Paul promote themselves as ‘libertarians,’ which is supposed to mean that we don’t need government, but the word is only applied when the government is in the hands of the blue team. Paul is such a stupid idiot that he is also on record as saying that we should abolish the Federal Reserve.

Maybe he’s right. I mean, what the hell. Why does anyone need to cash a check?

When Rand Paul talks about medicine, however, he needs to be taken seriously. After all, he's a board-certified ophthalmologist, the certification having been granted by the National Board of Ophthalmology. It just so happens that Dr. Paul created this organization with himself as President, his wife as Vice President and his father-in-law as the Secretary.

This organization has never been recognized either by the American Medical Association or the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure and went out of business in 2011, which just happens to be the same year that Rand Paul took a seat in the U.S. Senate. But this phony licensing scheme has never stopped him from posturing as a medical expert which he always mentions whenever he goes after Anthony Fauci or any of the other physicians who because they are government employees in a Democratic administration must be somehow working for the Deep State.

But the best of all is when MAGA morons or libertarian morons or whatever they like to call themselves morons like Rand Paul get up and talk about ‘taking America back,’ I’d really like one of them to describe what this phrase really means. Maybe it means expelling the more than 30 million immigrants who have come to this country since Reagan made it easier for undocumented foreign-born residents to achieve legal status beginning in 1986.

Or maybe what we should do is go back to the 1857 Dred Scott decision and have the Supreme Court once again declare that all Blacks are slaves. Or better yet, take all the land that we now allow Indian tribes to use for casinos and divvy the acreage up among the descendants of the Pilgrims who sailed into Plymouth Bay.

Rand Paul’s continued attacks on Anthony Fauci and Lindsey Graham’s anti-abortion bill tell me that the GOP will try to stay competitive in November by digging every, last Evangelical vote out of the barrel, or at least every White Evangelical vote. They need these votes to counter the Democrat(ic) Party’s narrative that the election is a contest between MAGA versus everyone else.

I’m not worried if the MAGA gang comes out ahead in November, because even if they control both chambers on the Hill, they won’t get anything done. They’ll posture, they’ll pretend, they’ll invite Trump back to give a speech on the Capitol steps.

Within 24 hours after he was inaugurated, Joe signed executive orders which closed down construction of the Mexico Wall, got the U.S. back into the WHO and the Paris Accords, required face masks to be worn in all federal facilities, ended Trump’s travel ban on Arab states and a few other things like that.

Let those MAGA-libertarian schmucks take over Congress for two years and the one thing they’ll accomplish is to finish what Trump started, which was to demolish the GOP.

Would that be so bad?

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