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MAGA vs. GOP: The Next Civil War.

All year long I’ve been listening to this nonsense about how we are headed towards another civil war – from my friends on the Left because they have nothing else to be worried about, from those dummies on the alt-right because it helps them sell a few more banners and shirts.

But even if we still haven’t finished counting all those phony votes in Nevada and Arizona, the bottom line is that the so-called MAGA effort to change the whole political tilt of the country is going to fail for the same reason that the attempt by the Confederacy to remake America during the real Civil War failed, namely, because the so-called MAGA ‘movement’ has run out of manpower and out of steam.

When the first cannon was shot off at Fort Sumter in South Carolina, the Confederate states had a total population of 8.6 million, the Union’s number was 18.9 million. There were also 3.5 million people living in the ‘border’ states who sent men to fight on both sides, but more to the North than to the South.

So, the bottom line was that the Union army led by Grant was more than twice as large as the troops that took orders from Robert E. Lee. And this disparity meant that Grant could plan and implement a strategy based on going into every battle with a larger army than the other side, which is exactly what he did.

For all of Trump’s bullsh*t about the size and commitment of his MAGA movement, for all the willingness of the Fake News to lap up everything that Trump has said or still says, if anything has come out from the mid-term election, it’s the degree to which this election and future elections will turn on whether the Democrats get their younger voters to turn out.

Take a look at the exit polls collected by NBC and CNN. What they show is that as you go down the age scale, the liberal slant of the voters goes up. And while the percentage of young voters (18 – 29) was just slightly more than half the percentage of voters who were middle age (45+), for the second time (the first time was 2018) the percentage of the 18-29 age cohort that turned out to vote was higher than 25%.

Not only is the whole voting population slowly but surely shifting towards the kids, but these kiddies aren’t going to become just another bunch of conservative, old farts as they grow old.

When I was a under 29 years old, both gay men and gay women kept their gender roles to themselves. Ditto the married or unmarried couples who were of mixed race. In 1989, the state where I live – Massachusetts – passed the first state law barring discrimination based on sexual orientation. My state was also the first state to legalize gay marriage in 2004.

Nobody even talks about those issues any more except MAGA morons like Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene. So what if they both get re-elected to Congress this year? Good for them.

I also knew that the moment it looked like the red ‘wave’ was turning into a ripple that Trump would speed up his announcement to run again in 2024. Want the best response to Trump’s plan to get his MAGA troops out there in the next week or so? Listen to how ‘demented’ Joe laughed that one off yesterday afternoon.

I hate to break it to my dear friends who are the ‘enemy of the people’ because they work for the Fake News, but the country didn’t collapse on Tuesday, the voting and the vote counting went off without a hitch, and the idea that the United States is headed down the road towards a political Armageddon is about as valid as the idea that Donald Trump could ever win the popular vote in any election, particularly the election coming up in two years.

The good news about Trump announcing his 2024 candidacy as early as next week is that at least I’ll have something to write about and more important, the liberal side of the electorate will continue to become larger as the kids grow up and old farts like me fade away.

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