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Maybe Joe Needs to Take a Lesson from Trump.

I get emails the way my father got 4th-class mail. And just like Dad used to sit there and tirelessly open every envelope and read each letter before tossing the paper aside, so I also now sit in front of my laptop and at least glance at each and every piece of digital mail that I receive.

Yesterday the stack included an email from Truth Social, which I joined when it first went online. Why did I become a member of Trump-o’s own Twitter deal? Because like don Corleone says, keep your friends close but your enemies closer, okay?

But this email, when I opened it, actually made me stop for a couple of moments and read the damn thing. Why? Because it wasn’t an ad to buy some MAGA t-shirt or a request for some dough.

It was a reprint of content that had appeared on Truth Social, a rant from some alt-right asshole about how Obama ruined America by putting together a group of ‘bicoastal rich and subsidized poor’ to replace the Democrat(ic) Party’s concern for the middle class. ‘Bi-coastal rich and subsidized poor’ means blacks and Jews.

There really are people out there who think that way. Some of them even end up like this schmuck teaching at elite institutions like Stanford, which is where this piece of shit has been employed.

Please don’t blame me for beginning to sound like Marjorie Taylor Greene, but when I see a legitimate publishing house like Basic Books (which published one of my books and now publishes this guy’s crap) promoting such nonsense in the public space I get good and pissed off.

Anyway, the point of today’s column is not to waste any of your time with a response to yet another Trump-o toady pretending to be some kind of intellectual who has seen the MAGA light of day.

The point of today’s column is to point out that we actually have a candidate running in the 2024 election who wants to be elected based on his – ready? – ideas. Now these ideas may be wacky, they may be steeped in racist code words, they may be promoting all the things that make some of us believe that a guy like Trump-o should never be allowed to get near the levers of political power and authority again.

But guess what? I have probably received over one hundred emails from the Biden team over the past couple of years, and not a single one of those emails ever said anything except asking me for more dough. Not one.

Now this constant and continuous messaging from Joe about money and nothing else has never previously concerned me because I know what the issues are which made me a yellow-dog Democrat from the time I first voted in 1968 until now.

But every twenty years a whole bunch voters disappear from the scene and go to their just rewards, and a whole new bunch show up who have never voted before. We are now more than halfway to the twenty-year point since anyone voted for Obama in 2012. Why should we assume that all those new voters will have any understanding of why they should vote for the guy who was Obama’s VP and wants to be elected President again?

And by the way, this issue would be less concerning if it weren’t for the fact that right now, the polls show a Trump-Biden election to be a dead heat.

Yea, yea, I know how Joe Kicked Trump-o’s ass the last time around. But that was then, this is now. And now we don’t have a Pandemic slicing through the population which was much worse than it had to be because Trump-o fucked up the government’s handling of Covid-19 from end to end.

Be that as it may, the fact is that we shouldn’t take it for granted that just because older and more savvy voters know that Trump-o is a complete and total asshole , that younger and less experienced voters, particularly kids who are the primary users of social media, won’t be persuaded to vote for him because at least Trump-o isn’t afraid to say what he thinks no matter how stupid, crazy and dumb his ideas come across to people like you and me.

After I post this column, I think I’ll send Joe a note.

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