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Memo To Trump: Please Don't Leave. You're Too Much Fun.

Yesterday Trump was ‘interviewed’ on Fox News about his good buddy, Rush Limbaugh. What he actually talked about was how he didn’t lose the election last year. It’s now going on four months since the election and someone ought to tell Trump that he’s quickly becoming old news.

Sooner or later, we get sick of everyone. We got sick of Sarah Palin; we even got a little sick of Barack Obama. If he hadn’t been sitting in Ford’s Theater one night, we would probably have gotten sick and tired of Honest Abe. Enough is really enough.

Until yesterday, I really couldn’t stand how the liberal media continued to treat every word that came out of Trump’s mouth as ‘news.’ It was almost as if periodicals like The New York Times and the Washington Post felt they had to compete with the tabloids I read on the supermarket checkout line. Maybe that’s becoming the competition for newspapers – I don’t know.

What I do know is that the Town Hall that Joe held on Tuesday night, if it did nothing else, it made it clear how and why the Federal Government is now functioning like a government and not like a PR vehicle for Trump. Did Joe have a good answer for every question? No. Did he sometimes bob and weave a bit when a question came from the audience that was outside his comfort zone? Of course.

What Joe didn’t do is what Trump did virtually every time he went in front of a live audience, whether the audience consisted of a couple of reporters standing next to the Rose Garden or a big crowd in an airport hangar in some red state. Joe didn’t tell lie one lie, he didn’t insult other public figures by referring to them with childish, nicknames. Most of all, he didn’t tell everyone how great he was again, and again, and again.

Now maybe this self-aggrandizing nonsense worked for Trump in states and counties where the GOP is always going to win. So, for example, in the backwoods counties of Michigan’s Northern Peninsula where everyone owns multiple guns and live in little, tiny towns like Newberry (pop. 1,500) where they hunt and fish year-round,

Trump got 9,120 votes in Michigan's Chippewa County in 2016; he got 10,682 votes in 2020, an increase of 17%. In 2020, Joe pulled 587,074 votes out of Wayne County (i.e., Detroit), which was only 14% more votes than what Hillary pulled out of Wayne in 2016. But he also increased the Democratic vote total in Chippewa County by 24%.

Go around the United States and look at vote totals from 2016 to 2020 in the most reliably red states. I’m not talking about states like Pennsylvania or Michigan which have swung back and forth so we call them the ‘battleground’ states. I’m talking about states that wouldn’t know how to elect a Democrat no matter who was on the ballot for the GOP.

Know what you get? When you drill down to the county level, you’ll find that Trump still won those counties in 2020, but his percentage increase from one election to the other was less than what you find in the case of Joe. When you add up all the votes in a state that voted red in 2016 and then swung back to blue the next time around, you find again and again that the statewide vote had nothing to do with election ‘fraud’ and everything to do with red voters being pissed off at Trump.

Now that he’s no longer President and spends all his time carting his fat rear end around one of his bankrupt golf courses here and there, I don’t mind when he shoots off his mouth to Fox News or sends a nasty letter about McConnell to The New York Times. In fact, his whining helps Joe, because it reminds us of what a total jerk he was.

What did Trump say the other day about the MAGA movement? That it has ‘just begun?’ Maybe Trump should spend some more time on the toilet and see if that movement’s also just begun.

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