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Mister Trump - You're Under Arrest.

The picture above is a woman who has been at Trump rallies both in front of the courthouse, as well as across the street from Trump Tower. I caught part of an interview she gave at the courthouse the other day when she claimed that she had been in this country for ten years and supported Trump because he had made it ‘great.’

She went on about the wonderful life she had in the United States and how it would be even better when Trump won the election in 2024.

I wonder if this woman even is aware of the fact that had the immigration law which Trump tried to promote after the 2016 election been in effect when this woman first showed up, the law would have denied her legal entry into the United States.

How can people be this fu*king dumb? Even if she somehow is getting paid to show up at all the Trump rallies and shoot her mouth off, couldn’t she have found another way to earn a few bucks?

Except I’m not sure she was a hired stooge, because this morning the AM shock-jock in my area delivered a monologue that was obviously aimed at a listening audience, all of whom have to be as dumb or dumber than the dopey woman standing on Centre Street in lower Manhattan and shouting support for Trump.

The radio spieler started off by saying that the he was ‘shocked’ by how the liberals and the Democrats had become so concerned about transgender rights. He then played an audio of a transgender person who started life as a man and had become a woman, who talked about her mistake in not carrying a tampon which she could have given to a real woman in a women’s toilet who asked her for help.

The point of this crass and stupid spiel was that the transgender individual wouldn’t have remembered to carry a tampon because he really wasn’t a woman. In fact, he was still and would always be a man and if the liberals and Democrats didn’t understand this, then too bad for them.

I’m listening to this diatribe and having two simultaneous thoughts: (1). Does this alt-right schmuck actually believe that anyone really cares whether some transgender man knows how to think like the woman that he has become? (2). Does this alt-right schmuck think that this kind of issue can be used as the basic GOP narrative in 2024?

This AM radio station must have an audience which is as collectively stupid as the woman who is probably right now standing in front of 100 Centre Street where the big demonstration which was going to be held while Trump is being arraigned turned into a big bust.

Once again, a demonstration to support Trump in front of the courthouse where he’ll be arrested turned out more media than protestors, even with Marjorie Taylor Greene on hand to liven up what turned out to be a nothing crowd.

I should note, by the way, that everyone keeps referring to Trump’s ‘arraignment’ today, but I prefer to use the word ‘arrest.’ Because when he gets into the courthouse before he actually stands in front of Judge Merchan and is asked how he pleads, he will hear someone from the DA’s office tell him that he’s ‘under arrest.’

And no matter what happens from today going forward until the trial is over, Trump isn’t just an arraigned ex-President, he’s also an arrested ex-President, and I like it better how that sounds.

Donald J. Trump – arrested 45th President.’

And by the way, at 100 Centre Street where he will be arraigned, he has to ask permission to take a piss.

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