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New Hampshire: The Votes Are In!

              You know you’re in the political season when you flip on the TV at five minutes after midnight and they are announcing the vote from Dixville Notch, NH, which is always the first votes counted in the first Presidential primary every four years.

              This year, all 6 votes went for Nikki Haley, which only goes to show you how what happens in Dixville Notch won’t at all represent what will happen when the votes are counted in the rest of New Hampshire today.

              So, then you ask yourself this: Where is this place called Dixville Notch which seems to be an island of sanity in the midst of the GOP craziness surrounding Donald Trump?

              The town of Dixville Notch is actually the lobby of what used to be the Balsams Hotel, one of those grand, old mountain retreats where wealthy and well-placed New Yorkers used to go to escape the city’s Summer heat. When I went to the Balsams about ten years ago just before it shut down, they still had a dress code for the dining room, not just for dinner, but for lunch. No wonder the hotel shut down.

              But what made the Balsams a destination was its remarkable Panorama golf course – truly Donald Ross’ greatest masterpiece – which I had the good fortune to play before it also was shut down along with the hotel.

              Anyway, an investment group bought the entire property, some 15,000 pristine acres, and immediately filed to convert 2,000 acres into a condo complex. The town council, believing themselves stewards of the natural environment, turned them down.

              The entire property now sits unused, and the hotel’s main building is slowly but surely turning into a pile of bricks and wood.

              The town council evidently believes that protecting all 15,000 acres on the Balsam property, not just preserving 13,000 acres, is more important than being able to earn a living without driving 100 miles roundtrip to some location where work might be found. ‘Might’ be found.

              Figures that Nikki Haley would get every vote in Dixville Notch. What is it about Donald Trump which somehow always seems to get him matched up against a woman who has no idea how to run a political campaign?

              The first time around, in 2016, he ran against the non-candidate Hillary Clinton, who to this day has never explained why she literally disappeared off the campaign trail between Labor Day and the final week before the November vote.

              How long did it take Hillary to make any statement about the email server sitting in her Westchester home chock full of sensitive, if not classified emails? Four months, during which time Trump kicked off every campaign rally with a rousing version of ‘lock her up.’

              This time around, we get Nikki Haley who runs around what is probably the most liberal GOP state in the entire United States and tells her audiences that ‘we need a fresh start,’ whatever that means.

              In a state where every, single Democrat(ic) voter plus at least half the Republic(an) voters support a woman’s ‘right’ to choose, Haley says she’s against abortion because her husband was adopted.

              What the fuck does that mean? Like everything else she says, the comment doesn’t mean a goddamn thing.

              Everyone says that if Trump only beats Haley by 5 or 6 points, the result will make the upcoming GOP primary contests ‘competitive.’ I guess the word ‘competitive’ means that Trump will have to wait until March 2nd, a.k.a., Super Tuesday, to announce that he’s the GOP’s nominee, so at least the Fake News will have until then to run a daily Trump story in order to sell the ads.

              The dumbest political statement I heard any politician ever make was made by Michelle Bachmann, who in a debate over raising the minimum wage, said this: “If we took away the minimum wage—if conceivably it was gone—we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level.

              Bachmann briefly Ran for President in 2012 but Romney easily clipped her wings. Can you imagine Bachmann sitting in the Oval Office and discussing anything?

              But that’s what Trump did for four years, which is why he got his ass kicked in by Joe the last time around.

              Which is why I want Trump to head the GOP ticket this year.

              Which is also why I wouldn’t mind if the 6 votes that went for Nikki Haley at Dixville Notch, are the last 6 votes she ever gets.





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