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November 8th is Pearl Harbor for the Culture War.

This morning I turned on the AM shock jock because like don Corleone says, I have to keep my enemies closer than my friends. But the real reason I tuned into this guy’s opening dialog is because today marks the beginning of the real election season, and this guy will spend his entire show saying what the RNC tells him to say.

The RNC has been providing the AM talk radio noisemakers with talking points since Newt Gingrich ran the ‘Contract with America’ mid-term campaign in 1994. Actually, Newt got the idea of creating and promoting one, national political narrative from Rush Limbaugh who put together a national network for his radio show in 1988.

Now we have the internet, so I’m not so sure that radio exerts the degree of influence over politics and political narratives that it did when Rush was alive. But there’s no question that all the Limbaugh wannabees still get daily messaging from the RNC.

And what is the mid-term messaging that the GOP is going to try and deliver over the next two months? The election is not just going to be a contest but is going to be a war. And what kind of war is it going to be? A culture war! In the first five minutes of his opening dialog, this morning’s AM loudmouth, the redoubtable Glenn Beck, must have mentioned the phrase at least ten times.

Donald Trump? Those two words weren’t mentioned even once. The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago? Ditto – not even once. The riot on January 6th? That’s ancient history. And even the ‘terrible’ inflation seems to have dropped off the radar, and I notice at my local convenience store that a gallon is down to $3.29.

The funny thing about the so-called war being fought right now is that Beck spent the entire narrative defining the culture which is being promoted by the enemy, i.e., what he referred to as the ‘senile’ President and his D.C. friends. And what holds this new cultural offensive together are government mandates which will force everyone to behave in ways that maybe people don’t want to behave.

In California, there’s going to be a mandate which will require everyone to set their thermostats at 85 degrees because otherwise there will be blackouts that can’t be controlled. And California is also mandating that all new cars sold in the state must be electric vehicles by 2035.

These mandates follow, or course, from the mandates which the Democrats and the corrupt CDC imposed on us requiring Covid-19 immunizations in order to report for work. And everyone knows that these immunizations don’t work. According to Beck, the CDC has been lying about this for the last couple of years.

What I found interesting about this new definition of culture is that it sems to have replaced what used to be how the alt-right talked about cultural ‘threats’ from the Left, which were tied up with gender, gays, and race. But all of a sudden, those traditional culture targets seem to be stuck on the back shelves, with the exception of Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has abandoned the whole issue of ‘cultural wars’ and now talks about a ‘spiritual war’ which her side must win.

If the Democrat(ic) Party can’t keep control of at least one of the two chambers on the Hill, there’s really something wrong somewhere in the DNC. I have been following politics since 1960, and I can’t recall a single election over that 62-year period where either party promoted a narrative as stupid and as meaningless as what the GOP is rolling out right now.

Granted, most of us will go to the polls on or before November 8th and vote either blue or red without giving our choice a second’s thought. But there is allegedly a small percentage of voters who actually take the time to compare what they hear from both sides and try to vote based on what they think is the better choice.

Last week the polio virus was found in the wastewater of three counties in New York State. Why should we bother with the polio vaccine? Shouldn’t everyone be able to decide for themselves whether this is a medical protection they really need?

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