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Now It's the GOP Versus the CRT.

Last night I was floating around my DirecTV network, and I came across ‘Philadelphia’ a movie co-starring Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks, (which got Hanks an Oscar) that was released in 1993.

I can’t imagine there’s a single person reading this blog who doesn’t know what that movie was all about. Which is why I simply don’t understand how Donald Trump could have been so stupid, so blind, and so politically dumb to make an enemy out of Anthony Fauci during the 2020 campaign.

You don’t get into public arguments with physicians. They aren’t like lawyers. There aren’t ten thousand of them under the sea.

And if you want to pick a fight with one of them, you don’t pick that fight with Anthony Fauci. You just don’t.

No, I take that last comment back. You pick a fight during a political campaign with Anthony Fauci if you want to lose that campaign.

In case you didn’t know it, Trump lost the 2020 campaign.

But it occurs to me that by making Anthony Fauci into a poster-boy for the Deep State, all Trump was actually doing was to align his campaign with a basic GOP approach to politics based on the idea that we don’t ever need or want our basic culture and cultural views to change.

I was a public school student in 1954 when my school went from being a segregated, all-White school to an integrated school. Where was my school located? Alabama? Mississippi? South Carolina? No – it was located on Farragut Street in Washington, D.C.

With a few exceptions, Republicans were opposed to integrating the D.C. schools and made a deal in 1968 to with Richard Nixon to ‘go slow’ on racial equality everywhere else. The GOP was also generally opposed to gender equality in the workplace, and to family/marital equality for gays.

Trump didn’t pick a fight with Anthony Fauci because Trump didn’t like gays. He probably didn’t even know that Fauci had done the pioneering work which identified the HIV virus. All he knew was that Fauci was promoting public health mandates to deal with Covid-19, and if you want to appeal to the anti-government voting population in an election year, you stay as far away as possible from government mandates of any kind.

Now that we seem finally to be getting the Pandemic under control, we have a new threat from the government that the GOP can fight against – the danger posed by requiring the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in the public schools. The asshole who runs Mississippi, a Republican named Tate Reeves, signed a bill on Monday prohibiting CRT teaching which, according to him, “threatens the integrity of education and aims to only humiliate and indoctrinate.

There are now 15 states that have passed laws prohibitingCRT, of which 3 are mountain states and 9 are old Confederate states. All 15 states are, of course, Republican-controlled states.

By the way, what exactly is CRT? Let me break it to you gently, okay? Nobody really knows. The original definition was based on the idea that our legal system contains certain practices that inculcate and defend racism (ex., the bail system.) But GOP operatives and Presidential wannabees like Ted Cruz call it a way to identify “every White person as a racist.”

And this guy went to Harvard? No. Can’t be true.

I’ll give whoever leads the GOP national ticket in 2024 all the electoral votes from all those 15 anti-CRT states. I’ll throw in a couple of more states like South Dakota, Kentucky and Missouri which have anti-CRT laws being considered right now.

Know what? Joe still wins.

The Republican Party might have changed their acronym from GOP to MAGA except there are just too many pictures of MAGA flags being carried up the steps of the Capitol on January 6th.

But how’s about a new acronym like ACRT, with the ‘A’ standing for the word ‘against?’ The GOP’s usually against everything anyway so what’s wrong with being against CRT?

I’ll send Donald Trump and the ACRT a thousand bucks the moment they start their 2024 campaign. I hope you will, too.

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