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Now the GOP Can Get to Work.

So, on the 15th vote the GOP finally figured out how to buy off the so-called Freedom Caucus and elected a Speaker and here’s the really good news. I listened to every word spoken on the floor of the House every time that nominations were made before every vote, and I didn’t hear the words ‘Donald Trump’ mentioned even once.

In fact, when Kevin McCarthy accepted the gavel from Hakeem Jeffries and made a short acceptance speech, he sounded about as typical and traditional as any Republican leader has ever sounded - lower taxes, tough on crime, cut government spending and by the way, not one single word about the ‘hoax’ of global warming or even the vaguest mention of foreign affairs.

Where’s MAGA? Where’s George Soros and the Deep State? I’ll tell you where they are. To quote Grandpa, they’re in ‘drerd’ (read: the toilet.)

I did notice, by the way, that George Santos was sitting next to Matt Gaetz, and there’s even some internet chatter that Santos was flashing a white supremacist hand signal as he raised his hand to vote. But nothing that Santos says or does would surprise me. For all I know, he’s even lying about being gay.

As for the dire predictions about how a GOP-controlled lower chamber will result in all kinds of problems for the liberals and the death of any more progressive legislation sponsored by Joe, let’s not forget that between 2017 and 2019 the GOP controlled both houses on the Hill, had a Republican sitting in the Oval Office and still got nothing done.

Remember how they were going to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act? Yea, right. Remember how they were going to abolish the Department of Education? Yea, right. And how about reducing the deficit?

Oh – I forgot! The GOP passed a bill which cut top tax rates, which is about the only piece of domestic legislation the GOP ever passes. Recall what happened when George Bush went around the country trying to sell the privatization of social security? His tour got about as far as Hillary Clinton’s 2014 book tour, or the tour that Bill O’Reilly made in 2021 with Donald Trump.

Of course, the GOP can always hope for the best news of all, which is that the ‘ruinous inflation’ will continue to drive gasoline prices upward except that right now the national per-gallon price is right about where it was in 2015, and the current trend is going down. And by the way, you can still pick up a six-pack for less than $2 a can, and my nearby convenience store sells every size of coffee for 99 cents.

Ask the average person if prices in the supermarket are too high and of course the answer will be ‘yes.’ Ask the average person if they pay too much in taxes and of course the answer will be ‘yes.’ Ask the average person if they think we need to eliminate woke curriculum in public schools and they’ll ask, “what’s woke?”

I happen right now to be sitting in the co-op supermarket in Brattleboro, VT. In case you’ve never been to Brattleboro, it’s a sh*t town in southern Vermont which is known mostly for a big, private hospital where people with lots of money can spend a couple of weeks trying to dry out or get off drugs. The hospital is known as a ‘retreat.’

This food co-op charges twice as much for every, single food item than what the local Stop & Shop supermarket charges because all the food is ‘organic’ and ‘locally-produced.’ And everyone knows for a fact that organic food tastes better and is also healthier to eat. Now the fact that the blueberries I bought last week at Stop & Shop taste exactly like the blueberries for sale at this co-op, and the fact that the Stop & Shop blueberries came from Peru, and I don’t mean Peru, IN, won’t stop me from buying my food at the co-op.

Because the truth is that between my social security check which will increase by ten percent this month and the part-time gig I have which pays $17 an hour to sit around and answer a telephone because nobody else wants to work, there is simply no way I am concerned about inflation at all.

And I certainly couldn’t give one rat’s damn about whatever the kids are being taught in school – woke propaganda or not.

But ask me if everything is too expensive and what do you think I’ll say?

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