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Oh My God! The Mid-Terms Actually Took Place!

Over the last couple of months, from the way the Fake News was carrying on, we weren’t going to have a mid-term election at all. The political system was on the verge of collapse or about to be transformed into a Fascist state, or maybe even worse. And of course, we had Donald Trump going around the country getting his MAGA hordes ready to assault and destroy every location which was receiving and counting votes.

Then guess what? Tuesday’s mid-term was as quiet and uneventful as any election we have ever had. A couple of putzes showed up at a voting station in Arizona with their assault rifles and their fatigues but were quickly told to disappear, which they did. And that was it.

But this is no good. We can’t have elections going on as usual and keep anyone worried about whether we are drifting into anarcho-Fascism which is what we need to do in order to keep user numbers up.

I’ve got it! We’ll start talking about the ‘threat’ represented by ‘election deniers’ who were more than half(!) the GOP candidates on last Tuesday’s ballot. And if some of them didn’t win, so what? They’re still out there and even if they didn’t gain political power in every state, they’ll be back in force over the next two years.

One of the foremost spielers for New Yorker Magazine, John Cassidy, put up a column where he had to admit that democracy ‘worked,’ but watch out – Donald Trump “will soon renew his assault” on our democratic institutions again.

And exactly where is this armed gang that Trump will use to launch his ‘assault?’ The cops have now arrested nearly 900 who were involved in January 6th, and slowly but surely they are all being charged and convicted in Federal court. So, I guess there’s another ‘army’ out there somewhere just waiting for Trump to give them the old go-ahead, right?

I love how Cassidy and the other Fake News fear-mongers are trying to promote the idea that democracy is still teetering on the edge because so many ‘election deniers’ won races at both the national and state levels. Has it occurred to any of these liberal noisemakers that everyone who is still claiming the 2020 election was rigged happened to have vote for the guy who lost?

If Trump had been re-elected in 2020, the last thing the GOP would be running up the flagpole would be the idea that the election had been a fraud. If anything, I don’t understand why the Democrats didn’t accuse the GOP of stealing swing-state votes in 2016. Actually, the idea of a ‘fraudulent’ outcome in 2016 was floated by Hillary but she blamed the theft on the Russians instead of focusing on the GOP.

As far as I’m concerned, I really hope that Trump announces a 2024 campaign next week. And I also hope that the Democrats will start planning how to steal another election again. And by the way, let’s not forget that both Democrat(ic) and Republican administrations have plenty of experience in stealing elections -try Italy in 1948, Iran in 1953 and Chile in 1973.

So, who are we to point the finger at either political party and condemn that party for engaging in election fraud? For that matter, I didn’t notice the previous generation Fake News pundits getting all upset when Kennedy gave a green light in 1963 to the CIA operation which overthrew the ‘democratically-elected’ government of South Vietnam. Kennedy didn’t live to see the result of this decision, by the way, which only resulted in more than 60,000 American troops getting killed and several million peasants immolated in four separate countries – Cambodia, Laos, North and South Vietnam.

If Donald Trump and his MAGA clowns were really a ‘threat’ to our democratic system, the last bunch who would really see it coming would be the liberal pundits writing those stupid op-eds for the Fake News.

On the other hand, if it weren’t for the hysterical fulminations from John Cassidy and his friends, what would I have to write about? That would be, as Grandpa would say, ‘nisht gut’ (read: no good.)

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