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Please Liz Cheney: Shut Up and Go Away.

Poor Liz Cheney. Pauvre petite Liz. What does she get for being the ‘conscience’ of the Republican Party? She gets kicked in the ass and has nothing better to do than to float some nonsense about running for President in 2024.

They never quit. The only one who ever quit was Richard Nixon. The rest of them stick around no matter what.

Cheney was so upset by her primary loss last week that by the next morning, she had set up a new PAC called ‘The Great Task’ and transferred the $7 million she still had on hand from her political campaign to – ready? – form a ‘non-partisan’ effort to keep Trump from ever sitting his fat ass down behind the Resolute desk again.

Cheney couldn’t even get 40% of the GOP primary vote in her own district, and she’s going to lead a national campaign?

And I love how she said that she wants to get the GOP “back to a place where we’re embracing the values and the principles on which it was founded.”

So, here’s my question to pauvre petite Liz: Exactly what ‘values and principles’ are you talking about? The ‘values and principles’ that Donald Trump was espousing in 2016?

Cheney went on the Rush Limbaugh show (remember him?) and said: “We've gotta unify behind Trump and make sure Hillary Clinton's not elected.”

When did she say this? Not at the beginning of the campaign, when Trump was still just some real estate guy from New York who had never previously been a candidate for anything?

She said it on August 15, 2016, and if you didn’t know what Trump represented by that date you were deaf, dumb, and blind.

I didn’t need Liz Cheney to wait until after January 6th to decide that Trump was, as Grandpa would say ‘drek’ (read: trash.) She voted against the first Trump impeachment, okay? In fact, over the entire four years of Trump’s she voted with him 93% of the time.

I guess that little issues like supporting the Environmental Protection Agency, restoring parts of the Voting Rights Act, and expanding the Affordable Care Act don’t qualify as some of the ‘values and principles’ which pauvre petite Liz believes we need to protect, right?

Give me a break, okay?

I love how a handful of Republican House and Senate members all of a sudden got worried about Trump’s political behavior after January 6th. Frankly, I have more respect in a sneaky kind of way for the members of the GOP caucuses who continued to support Trump after January 6th because at least they’re not pretending there’s some kind of phony way they can still call themselves Republicans but jump ship from time to time when some issue gets in the way.

If pauvre petite Liz Cheney had just gotten up there and said he was against Trump, even if it took her four years to figure him out, I might have been tempted to send her some bucks for her primary campaign. But when she goes in front of the mics and knocks Trump but pats herself on the back for being so ‘true’ to the ‘values and principles’ of the GOP, this is nothing but a fan dance in political clothes.

Exactly what ‘values and principles’ is she talking about? The ‘values and principles’ of a national political party which has been on the wrong side of virtually every political issue since the Great Depression and the New Deal?

Remember Alf Landon? He was the Republican Governor of Kansas who ran against FDR in 1936 and lost by the lopsided Electoral College vote of 523 to 8. One of the reasons he lost so badly, even in his home state, was because he refused to campaign when the GOP came out against the New Deal, which he believed saved farmers in Kansas from starving after the Depression hit the farm belt in 1929.

That’s how you stand up for ‘values and principles,’ okay? You don’t stand up and call someone a bum when every normal-thinking person knows that the guy’s a bum for at least three years.

Trump’s support collapsed exactly one year into his term when he couldn’t decide what to say about the Nazis who marched through Charlottesville wearing swastikas and shouting anti-Semitic slurs.

Thank you, thank you pauvre petite Liz Cheney, for showing up three years too late.

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