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Should Melania Trump Replace Donald This Year?

              All of a sudden, it seems like out of nowhere, the Trump 2024 Presidential campaign has run out of gas. It started last week when Joe delivered a State of the Union speech which blindsided the GOP because it was so tough.

              Then Joe got the next day’s headlines by going out to Pennsylvania and giving his first stump speech which led off with a loud pledge not to allow the GOP to pass any kind of national ban on women’s ‘right to choose.’

              Then yesterday, both Joe and Trump held rallies in Georgia where Joe appeared in front of an enthusiastic crowd in Atlanta while Trump went up to the trailer-park region in the northwest corner of the state and asked the crowd to support the schmucks who are still in jail for having participated in the storming of the Capitol on January 6th.

              So, Joe is going to spend the next eight months talking about what he will do after he takes the oath again in 2025, and Trump will spend the next eight months talking about what he did after he took the oath in 2017.

              Take a look at the list of upcoming court dates which Trump is facing between tomorrow and September. I stopped counting at the 18th date. You can download the entire list right here, but you’ll need to set a couple of hours aside to read it through.

              To put it as directly as I can, no former President has ever faced a legal landslide like this.

              Of course, the big deal is in April when the Supremes will decide whether a former President has immunity from certain legal claims or not. But even if the Court rules in Trump’s favor, trust me, the anti-Trump litigation won’t simply disappear.

              The case going before the Court only covers legal charges against Trump for things he did in his official capacity as President between 2017 and 2021. But there are many other legal attacks on Trump sitting on court calendars in various states, including the New York case which found Trump guilty of lying about the value of his real estate, and the big case in Georgia which connects him to those schmucks who tried to steal the data from voting machines after the vote totals had been sent in.

              These cases and many others will force Trump to spend more and more time defending himself for what he did, as opposed to Joe who can make a speech every day containing promises about what he’s going to do.

              And it’s not going to help Trump to keep calling Joe a Communist or a Socialist or a puppet being manipulated by George Soros and the Deep State. Calling someone a Communist meant something forty years ago when there was a country called the Soviet Union which had nuclear missiles pointed at the United States.

              Nobody cares about that kind of thing anymore, and I’m willing to take the short odds that half the people who clap and cheer at the Trump rallies wouldn’t be able to tell you what a Communist is even if they knew ‘for a fact’ that Joe was a Commie rat.

              Here’s what’s going to happen over the next couple of months. The polls are going to show that Joe’s in the lead, just like he led in the 2020 campaign. And Trump’s rhetoric will become more crazy, more extreme and people will come to his rallies just to hear him curse and yell, but they won’t bother to show up in November to vote.

              The 2024 campaign, I believe, is going to wind up like the 1996 campaign when Bill Clinton carried 31 states and beat Bob Dole by almost 10% of the popular vote. This year’s race will be closer, but the GOP will throw in the towel by mid-September because they’ll know the jig is up.

              Bob Dole knew from the gitgo that he couldn’t beat Clinton and he stayed active in the campaign to give his wife Elizabeth more status and presence for her own political career. She ended up going to the U.S. Senate in 2003 where she served one term before getting bounced out in 2009.

              Who knows? Maybe Melania Trump will end her no-show behavior later this year and begin to join her husband on the campaign trail. At which point the pro-GOP media can begin talking about a Melania Presidential campaign in 2028 and ignore how Trump has botched the race in 2024.

              Or better yet, maybe there will be a groundswell to replace Donald with Melania this year.

              Think I’m biting off more right now than anyone can chew? Just remember that a week ago the Fake News was still worrying about whether Joe was demented but meanwhile it was Trump who referred to his good buddy Putin as ‘Poten’ during his speech Saturday night.

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