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Should Trump Get Convicted for January 6th?

Now that the House Select Committee on January 6th is moving towards a decision about referring issues to the Department of Justice for possible prosecutions, the GOP members who are still defending Trump have switched to a different song.

The first stanza after January 6th was that Trump hadn’t dome anything wrong because the riot in front and inside the Capitol was no big deal. When the one faded off the political jukeboxes, it was replaced with another verse which said that maybe some of the rioters went a little too far, but they did it on their own.

In the midst of these singsongs coming through the airwaves from Capitol Hill was Trump not able to keep his mouth shut and saying that since he was going to be back in the Oval Office in 2025, that he would pardon the rioters and absolve them of any crimes.

And this asshole and some of his friends still have the nerve to say that Joe is demented?

But now that enough leaks have come out of the Select Committee to sink the Titanic, never mind Donald Trump, the GOP has come up with yet another narrative to promote the idea that Trump should be allowed to escape responsibility for what happened on January 6th.

And this narrative is exactly like the narrative the GOP rolled out in both of the Trump impeachments, namely, that the entire effort is nothing more than a partisan, political attempt to besmirch Trump and would lead to a bitter, political battle that would only keep America from focusing on the real problems which need to be fixed.

I’m not sure exactly what problems the GOP feels are not being worked on these days. Maybe it’s the record-low unemployment, maybe it’s the beginnings of a real plateau for Covid-19, or maybe it’s all those American allies that are refusing to get on board with our efforts to help Ukraine.

Oh, I forgot. There’s always the price of gasoline which has now just crested above the price it hit in 2008. And there’s also the mess known as Obamacare, which one GOP Senator, Ron Johnson, still believes should be repealed.

You know, after Social Security was passed in 1935, it wasn’t until 1949 that the last Republican challenge to the law was put to bed. So, the GOP still has two years to get rid of the Affordable Care Act because it wasn’t passed until 2010.

While they’re at it, the GOP should also dump gay marriage, abortions on demand and let’s not forget the latest liberal assault on our God-given ‘rights,’ namely mandates to require vaccinations and masks in response to Covid-19.

That all being said, I happen to agree with the GOP’s latest pitch to protect their last sitting President from suffering any more abuse. And the reason I am staying in Trump’s corner on this issue is because I believe it will be more difficult for him than it was for Eugene Debs to run a Presidential campaign from jail.

First and most important, Trump still needs to get his new social media network up and running, which as of this morning was still crapping out. He’ll also need to do some TV ads which will look kind of funny if he’s not allowed to tease his hair.

But seriously, the reason I want Trump to run again in 2024 is because he’ll lose. And the reason he’ll lose is the same reason that he lost in 2000 and should have lost in 2016 except he had the good fortune that year to compete against someone who ran the single most poorly-managed Presidential campaign of all time.

What Trump doesn’t seem to understand is that all he accomplishes by claiming that elections in which he is on the ballot are rigged, is to make people who want to vote against him make sure they get to the polls on time. Wouldn’t you want to do whatever you had to do to make your vote count if you were being told that you were part of some great scheme to tilt the result?

When Trump started whining about election ‘fraud’ during the 2020 campaign, it was enough to make me sure that I was going to show up and vote.

As for the great Trump ‘base,’ why don’t you play a minute of this video to see what his most fervent supporters are all about. It may take a few moments to download but it’s worth the wait.

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1 comentário

Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
08 de mar. de 2022

I don't understand how you got from asking if Trump should be convicted for the January 6th to blackness-fatigue. But I believe there are more pressing issues at the moment and that is the possibility of WWIII (or WWZ). I know that President Biden will make ALL the correct calls contrary to Robert Gates, former defense secretary in the Obama administration, who said, Biden has "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."

I just hope that our oil prices keep going up, and people continue to come across the southern border in great numbers. We need to get out of gas vehicles and into electric. We also need more peop…

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