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Should Trump Stay on the Ballot?

              So, now Donald Trump has scored another so-called victory when a Nevada judge ruled yesterday that a lawsuit aimed at keeping Trump off the ballot was dismissed. And by the way, the judge who tossed the suit out happens to have been appointed by the guy who’s secretly running the country, a.k.a., Barack Obama.

              There are legal challenges in multiple states calling to disqualify Trump because of the 14th Amendment’s prohibition on public service for individuals involved in insurrections against the United States with one of the cases evidently headed for the Supreme Court.

              I am opposed to those challenges getting Trump removed from any ballot for two reasons: (1). He hasn’t been convicted of engaging in any kind of insurrection on January 6th or any other date; (2). I want him to represent the GOP in November because his presence at the head of the ticket will guarantee that Joe will get a second term.

              And by the way, before I get into the details about why Trump is such a miserable candidate and anyone (like me) who wants the GOP to get clobbered in November should be happy if he runs again, let me just say something quick about why I want Joe to have a second term.

              It’s very simple: he did a great job in his first term and deserves four more years as the head of the Executive Branch. He’s not senile or demented, the odds that he’ll live to be 86 years old now that he’s 81 going on 82, are a lot better than if he was 60 years old right now.

And let’s say Joe goes to his 2025 inauguration, takes the oath, and then drops dead in the middle of his inaugural address – so what? You don’t like Kamala? Good for you.

Would you rather have Trump, or Haley, or Christie, or DeSanctimonious, who now says that if he’s President, he’ll eliminate the Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy along with the IRS? This guy went to both Yale and Harvard. Is he really that fucking dumb?

But just for the Hell of it, let’s say that Joe and Trump square off in November and the so-called ‘progressive’ bunch in the Democrat(ic) Party stays home, ditto the black voters in swing states like Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Trump wins those three states and guess what? He’s got 284 electoral votes, and he doesn’t even have to send a single, phony elector to D.C. in order to get sworn in on January 20, 2025.

Except there’s only one little problem with this nightmare scenario, which is that it won’t happen because Trump won his only election in 2016 because she whose name I won’t mention basically stopped campaigning over the last 60 days of the campaign. She showed up in Pennsylvania once and lost that state by less than 45,000 votes which was – ready? – seven-fucking-tenths of one percent of the votes cast in the Keystone State.

She couldn’t show up in Michigan even once, and lost that state by a whole, big 10,000 votes with my friend Jill Stein of the Green Party picking up more than 50,000 Michigan votes.

Trump lost the 2016 popular vote by 3 million, he ran around the country in 2018 stating that the off-year election was a plebiscite on him, and the GOP kept a small majority in the Senate but lost 41 seats in the House.

In 2020, Trump got his ass kicked in big time, and even though the 2022 election brought the GOP back into control of the House, the margin was so small that it hasn’t made any great difference at all.

The bottom line is that Trump got into the White House in 2017 by default and spent the next four years basically watching FOX all day long and selling MAGA hats and shirts at his rallies and pocketing the change.

I love how Trump says he’ll do this and that when he sits his fat ass down behind the real Resolute desk again in 2025. The truth is, he won’t do shit even if he did get re-elected, which he won’t.

I’m telling you – the best thing that could happen to the blue team would be to keep Trump on the ballot and do whatever we can to help him top the GOP ticket later this year.

Actually, what would really be great is another Biden-Trump debate in which Joe doesn’t tell Trump just to shut up but tells him to shut the fuck up.



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