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Should We Be Worried if Trump Wins?

Yesterday, Joe went out to the Rose Garden and announced that he’s setting up an office to deal with gun violence which will be run by Kamala Harris who was a tough, anti-gun prosecutor when she was the California AG.

I’ll have more to say about this whole initiative in a couple of days, but right now the point I’m making is that here was the President doing what the President is supposed to do, i.e., announce a program that will solve or at least respond to a problem which we face.

Because that’s the President’s job, right? He’s supposed to respond to issues or problems which can be solved or at least dealt with by the Executive branch.

Joe’s attempt to promote a more aggressive gun-control strategy got about one-tenth the media coverage that Donald Trump got for a 135-word screed that he put out on his website in which he called retiring Joint Chiefs head Mark Milley a ‘traitor’ and a ‘Woke train wreck.’

Milley’s comments were in an interview published in The Atlantic magazine, which has become something of a gossip rag in the alt-left, Fake News media, specializing in whatever sensationalist content will generate the most clicks. The magazine was initially founded in Boston in 1857 as an abolitionist concern, and even though it has run some good pieces on the so-called Presidency of Donald Trump, it has also been obsessed with the idea that Trump represents a tidal wave of Fascist belief and action that will obliterate American democracy if orange shithead wins in 2024.

For all Trump’s talk about how he’s going to do this and do that if Number 45 becomes Number 47, when you look at his performance in the Oval Office, what stands out more than anything is that it consisted of a lot of – talk!

What did Trump actually do as President, in the sense of getting anything done? He sent out hundreds of tweets until he was finally banned on Twitter, which is now X. He pretended to be holding daily news briefings as he walked behind the White House when in fact he was actually inside the White House in a video studio that was rigged to look like the back lawn. He flew around the country giving the same, stupid speech again and again to the MAGA crowd, and he played golf every weekend at one of his clubs, so he didn’t have to pay greens fees while he conducted foreign policy over the phone.

Remember how Trump responded to Covid-19? He held a daily press conference and organized a strategy based on calling Anthony Fauci a liar and giving his nincompoop son-in-law complete and total authority to decide which states would first receive the so-called ‘warp speed’ drugs.

The latest and greatest fraud about what Trump will do after he wins the 2024 election (whether he’s in or out of jail) is a new plan developed by the Trump administration-in-waiting, a.k.a., the Heritage Foundation, which will basically take the federal government back to where it was before the New Deal, which is when the government first fell under the sway of the Deep State.

The plan will basically end civil service protections in the Executive branch, it will also give the President authority to enact line-item budget vetoes, and of course it will curb the ability of the Department of Justice to determine the legality of various Presidential actions and plans.

So, here we go again with the conservative wing of the GOP trying to go back to the way things were prior to 1933. Know when was the last time that a faction of the GOP tried to get rid of social security which was enacted in 1935? Try 1949, which is when the anti-Deep State vigilantes finally gave that one up.

Trump makes a point of mentioning this program in his campaign appearances today. But that’s what Trump has always done in his eight-year political career, as if saying something is the same thing as actually getting something done.

Know what would happen if, God forbid, Trump found himself sitting behind the real Resolute desk again?

Nothing would happen. Not one, goddamn thing.

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