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Should We Boot Trump Off the Ballot?

              So, yesterday I glance at the local newspaper and there’s a story about how a group is now trying to get Trump kicked off the ballot before the state’s primary election on March 5th. Now I happen to live in Massachusetts which gave Joe 65.6% of the votes cast in 2020, which happens to have been the greatest percentage that Joe got in the 28 states he won. My state is also the only state which sends a completely blue delegation to the Senate and House every year, and just to add insult to injury, of the 40 seats in the State Senate, the GOP holds exactly three.

              To show you what dogshit the state GOP is, in 2022 a guy named Shiva Ayyadurai ran a write-in campaign against the incumbent Senator, Ed Markey who beat both Shiva and the GOP candidate by a two-to-one vote. The reason that Ayyadurai ran a write-in campaign is because he was such an embarrassment to the state GOP that they found some other poor sap to put on the ballot since Ayyadurai not only claimed that he held two Ph.D. degrees from MIT, but also invented email in his spare time.

              Not only do I believe that trying to get Trump’s name removed from the Massachusetts ballot is a fool’s errand writ large, but I am totally opposed to this strategy in the 15 other states where it is happening or is being planned to take place.

              Don’t get me wrong. Trump’s an asshole and has demonstrated his total and complete incompetence when it comes to anything having to do with political affairs.

              That being said, it also has to be said that Trump hasn’t been convicted of anything that would meet the requirements for denying him access to public office as stated in the 14th Amendment, even though his statements about January 6th reek of a complete contempt for the way the government is organized or runs.

              On the other hand, if Massachusetts is typical of what is required of anyone who wants to get his or her name on a ballot for a seat in Congress or to sit behind the real Resolute desk, I had to go through a much more detailed examination of my personal history when I applied for a part-time job with the town government in the town where I live than what would have been required had I tried to run for President of the United States.

              In order to earn $14 an hour to come into the town’s Senior Center for four hours every week to teach the oldsters how to run their home computer, I had to fill out a detailed application and submit to a background check conducted by the State Police.

              If I wanted to run for an elective office and get listed on the state ballot, I just had to submit a petition signed by a bunch of people as they walked into Stop & Shop, then go around to all the party’s county committees and ask them to vote for me at the party’s statewide convention and if I didn’t get enough votes, I could still get on the ballot as a write-in candidate which is what that putz Shiva Ayyadurai did when he ran against Ed Markey and got 1.6% of the total vote.

              The reason that Ayyadurai got any votes at all is that he spent the previous couple of years going around Massachusetts appearing at every meeting held by people who were opposed to mandatory vaccinations after the onset of Covid-19. He was also a big 2nd-Amendment guy in a state where hardly anybody owns a gun, or at least a legal gun.

              Meanwhile, if you think this schmuck Ayyadurai wasn’t a proper candidate to represent his state in Congress, what do you think about George Santos who not only ran on the GOP line for a Congressional seat on Long Island, but actually won the goddamn election and would still be sitting in the House of Representatives if a couple of reporters from The (Failing) New York Times hadn’t taken the trouble to check out some of the so-called ‘facts’ of his pre-election life? 

              The point is that we impose much more serious requirements on someone who wants to cut the grass in front of the local City Hall for $12 bucks an hour than we impose on someone who wants to represent an entire Congressional District in Washington and, by the way, get paid $174,000 a year for the privilege of going down to D.C.

              And there’s still anyone out there who wonders how we elected Donald Trump in 2016 and might elect him again in 2024?




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