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So Much for Trump and His Michigan Friends.

For all the talk about Jack Smith’s looming indictment of Trump for his role in the January 6th event, the really big news is the news that came out of Michigan yesterday, with the indictments against 16 complete and total assholes who got together in the basement of the GOP’s state headquarters on December 14, 2020, and signed phony certificates attesting to Trump allegedly winning the state Presidential vote.

Then these putzes sent the certificates off to D.C. to be counted when the Electoral College met and then certified by the Senate on January 6th.

Joe actually beat Trump the Hump in Michigan by 154,188 votes. And these schmucks who committed felonies by phonying up those certificates thought that they could pull off such a stupid scheme?

At least one of the idiots who has been indicted, Meshawn Maddock, was a member of the group which came to D.C. on November 20th at the invitation of Trump to discuss what they claimed was a Covid relief package. Following the off-the-record meeting with Trump, the group issued a statement saying that ‘nothing’ had been discussed about the election results, and this announcement was followed by some drinking and socializing at Trump’s International Hotel.

Ready? Here’s some more good news about these indictments.

It turns out that the entire effort by these jerks in Michigan to send in a bunch of fake certifications to the Electoral College was directed and coordinated by members of Trump’s inner circle. Here’s the statement made by Meshawn Maddock at a public meeting of a conservative group in Michigan: “We fought to seat the electors. The Trump campaign asked us to do that.”

Incidentally, Meshawn Maddock happens to have been co-chair of the Michigan GOP. So she goes into a secret meeting, falsifies a legal document at the request of Trump’s election team, and is so dumb that she doesn’t even take the trouble to ask a lawyer whether she was putting herself in legal jeopardy by making this move.

And whom do you think was telling her to get her group together and commit fraud? That’s basically what Giuliani was doing in at least a half-dozen states after he was designated by Trump to lead the effort to overturn the Presidential vote results.

Now here’s where the good news gets even better.

How much time did Giuliani spend talking to investigators from Jack Smith’s investigation? Was it three hours? Was it an entire day? We don’t know.

But what we do know is that Giuliani’s appearance was based on what is referred to as a ‘proffer agreement,’ which means that if you tell us everything we want to know, we’ll cut a deal with you which will keep you from getting charged and winding up in jail.

When Trump was first told about being called before Smith’s grand jury, he lashed out with the usual rant about ‘election interference,’ and ‘Smith’s a thug,’ and all the rest of his usual response to anything which makes him look like the Emperor Without Clothes. But I notice that so far, he hasn’t said one word about the Michigan news.

After all, what’s there to say? That this bunch of petty political crooks didn’t send in documentation to the Electoral College that they knew was false? That they signed their names to these phony certificates without first having a conversation with Rudy and his friends?

I don’t know how much the Michigan investigation is tied into the Smith grand jury’s upcoming release of an indictment against Trump. For that matter, we are also still waiting for another shoe to drop in Georgia’s Fulton County where the grand jury is investigating another alleged instance of GOP flimflamming the Presidential vote.

Know all those polls which show Trump leading the rest of the GOP primary field by more than 50 points? You can take the results of those polls and put them next to the boxes in Trump’s toilet where he stashed all those classified reports.

Fat lot of good either will do him when he’s sitting at Butner or Otisville without his orange hair.

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