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So What If Trump Lost Dominion?

Did Fox really make a deal with Dominion yesterday and admit they always knew the 2020 election ‘fraud’ narrative was a load of crap? If I hadn’t been connected to some kind of electronic media yesterday and just tuned things up today, from what I’m seeing on the various internet news feeds, the blogs and the streaming stations, there wasn’t any kind of deal at all.

The promotion of the election ‘fraud’ story wasn’t just something which Fox used to capture as large an audience as it could. This daily recitation and re-recitation of the Trump-Stone battle cry was far and away the primary motivation for the jackoffs who stormed into the Capitol on January 6th.

Virtually everyone of the thousand or so sh*theads who has been indicted for acting like a sh*thead on January 6th has said that they behaved like a sh*thead because they believed that the 2020 election was ‘fixed.’ Where did they get that idea other than watching or listening to Fox? Every sh*thead in America tunes into Fox.

I love how Bill O’Reilly lambasted Fox for no longer being ‘fair and balanced’ and now basing its coverage on just chasing the almighty buck. Here’s a guy who spread nothing but false stories about everything until he got fired by Fox for making a fool of himself with some young girl.

The morning AM shock jock in my listening area justified not discussing the Fox-Dominion lawsuit by mentioning some other lawsuit which the ‘fake news’ didn’t cover that was brought by some kid who was wrongfully accused of assaulting some Native American guy during some other demonstration on the Capitol steps.

Why should we spend any time talking about the FoxDominion case when a pro-Trump high school student settles a defamation case against CNN which gets hardly any mention at all? So says the alt-right mouthpiece this morning who can’t find anything better to say.

Meanwhile, coming right down the pike is another defamation lawsuit against Fox, this one by the voting company Smartmatic for another $2.75 billion bucks. But this action also specifically names those two legal jackasses who carried the election ‘fraud’ torch around for Trump – Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, both of whom appeared on Fox and every other alt-right noisemaking platform pushing the same election ‘fraud’ crap.

Incidentally, I notice how not one, single liberal pundit who has spent the last three years telling us that Trump and his Fascist buddies have been tearing our legal system apart has spoken up to admit that maybe, just maybe their concern about how far the country is drifting to the Right may have been a bit more overstated than real.

To his credit, by the way, I notice how Joe is keeping his mouth shut about the outcome of the Dominion suit. No wonder nobody likes him – he just keeps plodding along and lets things like the Dominion story speak for itself.

But I thought that the whole point about being President was to go on Twitter every night and shoot your mouth off about anything and everything. Isn’t that what Trump did for every day that he sat his fat ass behind the Resolute desk?

I should note, by the way, that it’s been about 20 hours since the settlement was reached and we still haven’t heard ni palabra ni pÍo (read: not a word, not a peep) from Trump. Can you just imagine how he would have been carrying on if this case had gone the other way?

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that Fox’s admission that the stolen election is a lie will in any way dampen GOP enthusiasm for Trump. Most of the people who voted for him in 2020, will vote for whichever candidate heads the GOP ticket, in the same way that I vote for the Democrat(ic) ticket without knowing a single name.

As for the hard-core MAGA bunch, they’ll continue to wear those stupid hats and wave their Trump-2024 flags no matter how many lies he tells. They didn’t expect or care whether Trump was honest or not. They like him because they like him – it’s as simple as that.

Let’s just hope that next year Joe attracts a plurality of voters who think the same way.

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