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Spare Five Bucks to Help Trump?

              I feel a little funny posting two columns so quickly back-to-back, but I just happened to see a news report which I must share.

              It’s a GoFundMe campaign put up by some lady who feels the need to help Trump come up with the $355 million that he’s been fined in the New York civil case where he was found guilty for lying about the value of his real-estate holdings so that he could borrow more cash.

              The report was published yesterday by Judge Engeron in New York, and tomorrow I’m going to comment about the 96-page document in detail. But suffice it to say that anyone who takes the trouble to read the details published by Judge Engeron will quickly realize that Trump’s entire real estate career has been a big scam.

              And by the way, although Trump and some of his handmaidens are already complaining about how this report is just another example of how his enemies will concoct one lie after another to keep him from reclaiming his Resolute desk seat, the report is overwhelmingly based on documentation that presented to the court by Trump’s legal team in his defense!

              Anyway, back to the GoFundMe page which was out up yesterday by a woman who claims to be an “ardent supporter of American values and an advocate for justice” and by the way, a supporter of Donald Trump. She created the site yesterday which asks for donations to help Trump pay his $355 million fine, and as of so far today, 120,000 peoples have ‘donated’ $46K plus change to her cause.

              I have put emphasis on the word ‘donate’ because I always through that donations were monies that people gave to non-profits – their church, their school, the local food bank, ‘good works’ places like that. Not only doesn’t the $355 million represent any kind of charitable endeavor for the Trump Organization, but what the report clearly shows is that Trump has built his so-called real estate ‘empire’ on a pack of lies.

              Meanwhile, what I like about this GoFundMe effort to help this lady advocate for Trump’s definition of justice, are the comments made by some of the so-called donors who put up $5 bucks to have the opportunity to say a few choice words about why Trump should not only be paying this fine but should be going to jail.

              Here’s a good one which came in two hours ago: “Fuck you MAGA lunatics, this self-proclaimed billionaire is nothing but a shit stain on society's underwear. Yes i donated $5 to come here and say this. Lol he'll be in prison soon, lets see yal gofundme out of that shit.”

              Those choice words cost the author a whole, big $5 bucks, which is about what I paid yesterday for my coffee and sausage biscuit at Mickey D’s.

              Here’s another comment, perhaps a little more prosaic than the first: “Trump is going to die in prison. HAHAHAHAHA Fuck you scumbag!”

              Of course, as you might suspect, most of the comments are from folks who still admire Trump. Here’s a proposal for what needs to be done which someone put up after ‘donating’ a while, big ten bucks: “Trump has approximately 100 million supporters. If half of those supporters donated $10 each, the cost of a fast-food meal we could set our movement back on track. And if they do this to him again, I will donate another $10.”

              In the 2020 election, Trump rolled up 74 million votes. So, I guess there are another 25 million people out there more or less, who just couldn’t get to the polls. If Trump actually survives the rest of this year, legally-speaking, I’ll lay two-to-one on a couple of Jacksons that he won’t come close to getting 74 million votes again.

              Because the truth is that everyone’s getting sick of Trump. And if anyone has been willing to give him a little more than what he deserves, it happens to be Judge Engeron, who could have stripped Trump of his entire real estate portfolio but only ruled that Trump had to stop running his business for the next couple of years.

              I’m going to check this GoFundMe campaign every day. I’ll track and publish how many of those alleged 100 million supporters put up some dough. Back last September, one of the lawyers indicted in Georgia – Jenna Ellis – put up a crowdsource request for money to help pay her legal fees. She was another one of those great patriots who was working for Trump.

              Ellis raised slightly less than $200,000 from slightly less than 3,000 so-called donors, which works out to an average of $660 apiece. Her campaign also received more than 8,000 messages from people who sent prayers instead of dough.

              Ellis copped a plea in October, okay? In her statement to the Court she claimed that some of the statements made by other persons working on the election ‘fraud’ campaign turned out not to be true. She then said: “If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-election challenges.

          If she knew then what she knows now. Is that what Trump will say to keep himself out of jail?



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