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Suozzi Wins, Trump Loses.

              Gee, what a surprise! A congressional district in metro New York holds a special election and sends a member of the Democrat(ic) Party back to D.C.

              Of course, it helped that the election was held to fill the seat vacated by George Santos, who may have been the weirdest and craziest person who ever served in the House. But this time around, the GOP dug up a black woman who is also Jewish and was a military veteran, in other words, she had just about every credential that someone could have, and she still couldn’t pull off a win for the red team.

              And she didn’t just lose this race – she got clobbered! The early returns show that the winner, Tom Suozzi, may end up with close to 60% of the vote, which is more or less the same margin he got when he won the seat back in 2020 and then stepped down to tun for Governor in 2022.

              But this year’s election was different because the major issue was that nonsense the GOP has been pushing about the so-called ‘invasion’ on the Southern border, which may work in an all-white state like Montana, but simply won’t fly in a state like New York.

              Or better said, that not-so-disguised appeal to racism being pandered by the GOP won’t work in an urban/suburban district unless every voter who isn’t a white male over the age of 50 stays home.

              Back in 2015 or 2016, when Trump first injected his anti-immigrant horseshit onto the political scene, I happened to find myself sitting at an entrance to the massive Roosevelt Field shopping complex which is located within New York’s 3rd C.D. I had about a half hour to kill while my wife and her daughter went shopping in the mall.

              To kill some of my waiting time, I started counting everyone coming into the mall, dividing between Caucasians and everyone else. I stopped conducting my little ethnic census after about 10 minutes, maybe 50 shoppers had walked past me and the breakdown between whites and everyone else was more or less fifty-fifty.

              Now, if this had been a shopping mall somewhere in the Midwest, like Kansas or Nebraska, maybe my count would have been 80-20 in favor of the whites, but I’m not sure. My wife and I drive through North Dakota in 1995 and stopped in Fargo. We were sitting in front of a ‘gourmet’ café on the main downtown street and in the window was a poster advertising the upcoming gay pride parade! In North Dakota, okay?

              As far as I’m concerned, it’s not the GOP that doesn’t get it. It’s the Fake News liberal media that doesn’t get it and the GOP takes advantage of the blinders being worn by all those so-called liberal ‘influencers’ again and again.

              Back in the 1970’s, the last people to figure out that we were losing in Viet Nam were the big-name hot shits who wrote op-eds for CBS, NBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. Big shots like Walter Cronkite and James Reston weren’t about to go against the bullshit coming out of a Democratic administration in Washington until the Tet offensive made it virtually impossible to pretend that the United States ever had the slightest chance of winning that war.

              Now the GOP is hoisted by the same, exact petard. They are going to run a national campaign based on the ‘white only’ message of an avowed racist who continues to get a pass from the Fake News because every time Trump opens his mouth, what he says is reported as ‘news’ by CNN and their clicks go up.

              You can rewrite history all you want, but you can’t change a demographic trend by waving some kind of magic wand which suddenly transforms white into black or black into white.

              Suozzi’s hapless opponent tried every which way during the campaign to make voters believe that a vote for Suozzi was a vote to turn America into some kind of shithole, Third-World national state.

              I only hope the operatives running the GOP 2024 national campaign are as dumb as I think they are and continue to push the idea that only white makes right.

              As Grandpa would say, ‘gai gezinta hai’ (read: best of luck.)


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