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Thanks to Trump, The GOP Is Now The WWE.

So, Trump-o goes on TV after he showed up in New York for his arraignment. it must have been with the ass-licker Hannity and Trump said that some court officers and cops were crying while he was being printed before he walked into the court.

Remember that dirge written by Stephen Foster about how after ‘de massa wuz dyin’ dey laid his body in de col’, col’ ground and de darkies wuz all cryin?’ Remember that one?

It was Langston Hughes who said that all those ‘darkies’ were actually crying out of joy.

And if any of the cops or other uniformed officers at 100 Centre Street were crying, they probably had a bad head cold but they didn’t want to stay home and miss all the fun.

Yesterday, Trump-o told his Truth Social followers that Bill Barr, his former Attorney General, was a “slovenly, lethargic coward” and a “Stone Cold LOSER” after Barr did an interview and said the criminal investigations of Trump-o needed to be played out.

What’s a former chief law enforcement officer supposed to say? That an investigation by a duly constituted Grand Jury should just be shut down?

The writer who posted this story referred to Trump’s rhetorical style as reflecting the “professional wrestling rhetoric” which Trump-o loves to employ. The more I think about it, the more I think the writer for Mediaite has hit the veritable nail right on the veritable head.

Aren’t those rallies that Trump-o holds alongside local airports exactly the same as what happens at a WWE event? You have the same noise level, the same cursing and jeers, the same music, and most of all, the same prancing around by the headliner waving his arms and exhorting the crowd to clap their hands and stomp their feet.

What’s the difference between a WWE wrestler named Edge leading the crowd chanting ‘you suck’ against an opponent and Trump-o telling the attendees at his rallies to chant ‘lock her up?’ He even did it at his 2020 rallies even though Hillary wasn’t on the ballot for the other side.

I knew that something had changed when Huffington Post moved its coverage of the first Trump campaign from the entertainment to the politics section in December 2015. This announcement was made after Trump called for a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States which was his response to a mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA committed by a guy who was born in the United States and was as much of a U.S. citizen as Donald Trump.

Trump was and is a hard-core racist in every respect. But the problem is that you can’t make the same kind of overt, racist appeals today that Trump made about the ‘Central Park 5’ back in 1989. Unless, of course, your name is Donald Trump.

Thirty years later, Trump continued to defend his disgusting racist remarks about that event, and anyone who believes that the MAGA movement is just a color-blind, patriotic effort to save America from the globalism of dedicated Communists like George (the Jew) Soros, is either blind, deaf, dumb or all a combination of all three.

To which my hope is that the GOP will continue to foster this kind of racist rhetoric because the use of such language will guarantee that the ‘party of Lincoln’ will wind up being controlled by its racist fringe, viz. yesterday’s tweet by Marjorie Taylor Greene. She defended the guy who allegedly leaked the Pentagon documents as ‘white, male, christian and antiwar.’

Perfect, just perfect. Note the lower case ‘c’ for his religion, note his pacifist beliefs, note his gender and note the color of his skin. The ‘antiwar’ thing is a response to the rebirth of NATO under Joe, the religious reference is a follow-up on Trump’s anti-Muslim thing, the gender reference is to unite us against the transgender movement, and it’s all wrapped up in an appeal to the white race.

God, as we get closer to 2024, please keep the GOP on track for their worst electoral defeat.

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