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The Convoy Comes to Texas to Protect the Border.

              So, the great truck convoy which has been rolling across America to take the country back from all those terrorists and criminals invading our beloved country every day finally arrived at the Texas border where they held a rally over the weekend which maybe attracted a grand total of a thousand people, a few more or a few less.

              But amongst the patriots, there were two really outstanding individuals who have spent their lives fighting for what they know is right and fighting against what they know is wrong. I am referring to Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent who by the way, both were guests at a celebratory dinner in the White House the first week that Trump moved in.

              Nugent came down from Texas after appearing at this stupid, little outdoor show in Pennsylvania which has now been taken over by the NRA. Palin spends most of her time on Instagram, pitching video messages that she’ll send out to people as birthday gifts for $200 a pop.

              So, this is what the massive eruption of nationalist pandering about the so-called immigrant ‘threat’ comes down to – a couple of semi-washed-up personalities entertaining a collection of dipshits who had nothing better to do than drive their stupid trucks across America and sit around for a couple of days ogling the razor wire that the other dipshit, Governor Greg Abbott, has stuck alongside Donald Trump’s unfinished border wall. Then they can all turn around and go home and hope that Trump will call them back to D.C. to reverse the results of the 2024 election theft.

              But the highlight of the border weekend was a speech by Michael Yon who used to do some interesting reportage from various war zones. But now he has descended into total nuttiness and has become just another promoter of crazy conspiracy theories usually connected to something having to do with how the Deep State, Joe and his Jewish cabal are putting together the final touches on a strategy that will turn America into just another white-hating, Third World shithole where nobody will even learn how to speak English in the public schools.

              And if you think I’m sensationalizing what happened in front of that motley crew of truckers in Texas this past weekend, I invite you to take a listen to what Yon said about how ‘Jewish money’ is funding this invasion of our beloved land, and his so-called ‘proof’ is the existence of a Jewish agency known as HIAS, which has taken a public stance against the closing of our borders to anyone and everyone who wants to come in.

              HIAS, which stands for the Hebrew Immigrant Asid Society, was founded back before World War I to help Jews who had been displaced by pogroms in the collapse of Tsarist Russia to find safety in the United States. In fact, my mother and her parents arrived in New York from Russia in 1923, and were met at dockside by a HIAS staffer, as well as other family members who had already arrived.

              Over the succeeding decades, HIAS widened its net and now works to help immigrants from more than 20 countries find safety and security in the process of resettlement in a non-threatening zone.

              I once struck up a conversation with a black guy who was a custodian in the Los Angeles Airport. He had come here from some African country whose name I couldn’t even pronounce. After he found work and a place to live, he went to HIAS and with their help brought the rest of his family into the States.

              He told me that he couldn’t believe that he could not only have a decent-paying job which didn’t exist in the country of his birth, but that he also never had to worry about his physical safety or the security of his wife and kids.

              Americans simply have no idea what life is like in many parts of the world where living and surviving through every day is not just a challenge but is often a goal which isn’t met. And what those shitheads at the Texas convoy should have been talking about, but they’re too dumb to even imagine anything about what I am now going to say, is how we can provide security and sustenance for the world’s impoverished and less fortunate, of whom there are still too many needing such aid.

              We all have a very simple choice. We can either take some of our blessings and share them with others who do not lead our blessed lives. Or we can join Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Michael Yon, and every other selfish asshole who thinks that refusing to share our bounty is God’s choice.

              It’s not His choice at all, okay? It’s just not.   

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