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The 'Fake News' Just Keeps Reporting Fake News.

              I’m beginning to believe that we aren’t running into a political catastrophe if Trump ends up back in the Oval Office in 2025. What I now believe is that no matter who wins the election, the political media will cease being anything other than a platform used to sell ointments, or clothing, or whatever else people are buying online.

              I say this because the media has stopped trying to report anything at all about the 2024 campaign unless the story fits into a narrative which has been created to generate more clicks, or more visits, or however the owners of political media figure out how much to charge advertisers for the time and the space used for their ads.

              Here’s the headline of a story from a financial website which specializes in political news: “More Democrats are flipping in a crucial swing state than Republicans.”

              The story then tells us that in Pennsylvania, more than twice as many Democrats have switched their registration to the GOP than the number of Republican voters who now want to be registered as Democrats.

              The author of this piece then tells us that in Pennsylvania, many voters are ‘abandoning’ the Democratic Party which can only be a problem for the Democrats who need this crucial, swing state.

              So, here we go again with what has become the standard media narrative about how Joe is a loser in this year’s election because even a lot of Democrats don’t want him around.

              Not to be outdone by this mix of hyperbole and fear-mongering, another political website is running a story from yet a third political website which is based on an interview with Bernie Sanders (remember him?) who is predicting that if Trump gets back into the White House, he will “permanently change the United States’ form of government.” And Bernie knows what he’s talking about because his father’s family was wiped out in the Holocaust, so if Hitler did it in 1933, Trump can do it in 2025.

              But now back to the story about how Democrats in Pennsylvania are ‘abandoning’ their usual political preference and switching from the blue to the red team. And what makes this situation even more alarming is that the last time the Democrats won a Presidential election without achieving a plurality in Pennsylvania was 1948!

              Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? Here’s a state that Joe visited more times than he visited any other state in 2020 and now, four years later, his supporters are abandoning him in droves.

              Except there’s only one little problem with this doom-and-gloom narrative which is now SOP on virtually every website which claims to be explaining the political news. And the problem is that nowhere in this article do we learn that Pennsylvania happens to be only one of fourteen states in which only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary that will be held on April 23rd.

              In Pennsylvania, if you don’t register as a Republican or change your registration to Republican by April 8, you can’t vote in the primary which means you don’t have any opportunity to decide who will run in November against Joe.

              Did it occur to the author of that piece about how all the Democrats in Pennsylvania are ‘abandoning’ their party that maybe, just maybe what these voters are doing is voting for Trump in the Republican primary so that Joe will have an opportunity to kick ass in November again?

              Did the writer of that piece about the shift of registrations from Democrat to Republican take the trouble to call up one, single voter in Pennsylvania who switched their party to ask why that person was ‘abandoning’ the blue team and whether how they voted in a closed primary in April would be how they would vote in the general election held seven months’ later on?

              Why bother to do any serious reportage before writing an article about politics which will now float in and around the digital superhighway until the narrative runs out of gas and is replaced by another narrative which is based on nothing more than to be eye-catching enough to get viewers to buy a new deodorant or a set of hearing aids which they’ll very quickly forget to wear?

              The digital media has become a remarkable technology for advertising and selling stuff that nobody needs. So why should we expect our laptops and handhelds to inform us about who is going to run the world’s largest corporation beginning January 20, 2025?



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