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The GOP Can't Do Without MAGA and Qanon.

So now we have yet another jerk trying to become the head of MAGA in the hopes that Trump will either be in jail or will otherwise find himself unable to run again in 2024.

I’m talking about Elon Musk who yesterday came out with a defense of Jacob Chansley, the guy who stood up in the Senate chamber on January 6th and rallied his ‘troops’ around the idea that what they had done by smashing their way into the Capitol was nothing more than politely taking the government into their own hands.

The pic above on the right is how Chansley dressed up on January 6th which got him plenty of media coverage both before and after the event. Was this asshole going to start selling various QAnon-related crap on a website when he got back home?

Think I’m kidding? Take a look at the Marketplace, page on the GAB website, an open-source chat room which promotes content for QAnon and MAGA brands.

Of course he was. In case you didn’t know it – that’s what QAnon and MAGA are all about.

Unfortunately, Chansley’s marketing scheme was interrupted by the Feds, who arrested him, charged him and convicted him of a bunch of felonies committed on January 6th which have just netted him 41 months in the cooler, minus time already served.

The picture on the left is how Chansley now appears minus his getup that he wore as he paraded around the Capitol halls.

And by the way, to show you how all this QAnon and MAGA bullshit is nothing but bullshit, when Chansley was sentenced he made a courtroom speech which lasted 30 minutes, during which time he quoted Clarence Thomas as well as lines from ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and said he now wanted to live like Gandhi and Jesus Christ.

Chansley’s mother, by the way, has become a stock figure on Tucker Carlson’s attempt to persuade his audience that the January 6th riot was no more violent than what happens at any local, county fair.

Chansley describes himself as an ‘activist.’ Remember Joe da Plumber? He said he was an ‘activist.’ Remember the two sons of Cliven ‘let me tell you about your Negro’ Bundy? They were ‘activists.’

Everyone’s a fuc*ing activist.

When I was a kid, there was this old guy who wandered around Times Square at night carrying a sandwich board which read – ‘Repent!’ He was also an activist.

So now Elon Musk’s an activist. He’s such a big fuc*ing activist that the stock price of Tesla has dropped from $363 to $172 over the past eight months, while the Dow Jones has increased 8% over the same period of time. Which only proves how Joe has ruined the economy, right?

I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that Musk has been a major innovator in the area of electric cars. But why does he think that designing and selling a new type of transportation technology makes him knowledgeable about anything else?

The comments Musk made about prosecuting Anthony Fauci for trying to cover up the true origin of Covid-19 has to rank about as stupid and senseless as anything Chansley said when he stood up at the Senate rostrum and waved a MAGA flag.

If Musk had been born in the United States, there’s no doubt he’d be putting together a Presidential campaign for 2024. But since he can’t run for President, I guarantee you he’ll try to find a way to force the GOP nominee to come around and play the endorsement game.

And maybe in return for an endorsement, Musk figures he’ll wind up with a nice Cabinet slot or be named a Presidential Counselor, assuming of course that Joe doesn’t get elected to another four-year term.

Which at this point is not an assumption that any half-awake adult should be willing to make, if only because the latest narrative being pushed out there by the GOP is that January 6th was just a walk in the park.

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