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The GOP Keeps Getting In Its Own Way.

I don’t want to give the Democrats what Grandpa would call a ‘nuhurrah,’ (read: evil eye) but the news for the GOP just goes from bad to worse. To begin with, for all his bluster and bullshit, Trump is beginning to smell like a piece of fish which has been sitting in the fridge for just too long.

Nobody’s interested in how the 2020 vote was stolen from him, and for every MAGA supporter who still thinks that Trump should head the ticket in 2024, there’s another MAGA guy who’s pulled the plug. Nobody thought his CPAC speech was any good, nobody thought he had anything new, or different or attention-grabbing to say.

As for all the social media that Trump used to dominate with his insults and digs, he’s hardly the only one out there competing right now with the real crazies like MTG.

What did Greene do the other day? She showed up – get this – at a kosher pizzeria in an Orthodox Brooklyn neighborhood to demonstrate that she’s not the anti-Semite that the Fake News media would want you to believe. Of course, she was in the company of a guy who claims to be the head of an Orthodox Republican group whose brother just happened to have climbed up the Capital steps on January 6th wearing a bulletproof vest.

So, now we can look forward to MTG announcing an alliance between her old, Christian Nationalist friends and her new, Orthodox Jewish friends. This just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

And the best of all is a new IPSOS/USA TODAY poll which found that – you better sit down for this one – that a majority of Americans happen to think that ‘woke’ signifies positive issues rather than negative ones!

Of the entire respondent group, 56% believe that ‘woke’ means “to be informed, educated on and aware of social injustices.” Now this result must be handled with some care, because the overall number changes when it’s broken down along party lines. So, 78% of the Democrats view the term favorably, but only 37% of Republicans see it in positive terms.

But here’s the big gugga-mugga: ‘Woke’ was seen as a good thing by 51% of the people who answered the poll.

You combine the Democrat(ic) number with the independent number and you have a winning margin for 2024. Or to put it another way, if the GOP thinks that being anti-woke will get them a big gain next year, let them dream on. Dreams aren’t votes. Votes are votes, stolen or not.

The problem facing the GOP is not getting a majority of votes to go red in states which went red in 2020. So, the fact that DeSantis is playing the anti-woke game to the hilt in the Gunshine State doesn’t mean that a national election will tilt his way.

The GOP can keep Florida. They can keep Missouri. They can even keep Texas. But if Joe keeps Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin again, Joe wins. And there’s nothing in the results of the IPSOS/USA TODAY poll which indicates that everyone around the country is all that concerned about woke.

What did Trump say the other day? That’s he’s in favor of electing school principals? I’m so used to him saying dumb things that even something that dumb doesn’t take me by surprise.

In fact, it’s on the same level as MTG’s announcement that she’s sponsoring a resolution to label ANTIFA as a terrorist organization, even though such a mechanism only applies to foreign groups.

What one of the House Democrats should do is support this resolution if it’s revised and amended to include QAnon as well. But the Democrats have better things to do, like making sure that everyone hears about how Ron DeSantis laughed while he watched Gitmo prisoners being force fed and tortured when he was working as a lawyer in the prison back in 2005.

Now that’s the kind of story which should certainly compete for media attention with the GOP investigation of the ‘weaponization’ of the FBI, a phony, made-for-political-narrative directed by that schmuck Jim Jordan (R-OH) which is on the verge of collapse.

It’s been a good week for the blue team, don’t you think?

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