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The GOP Picks Another Leader.

The word going around is that at least 6 more defendants in the Georgia ‘stop the steal’ case have talked to prosecutors and have already flipped or are going to flip. By the time they get to the trial, there won’t be any trial because they’ll all flip.

And by the way, the fact that Rudy Giuliani says he won’t flip because he didn’t do anything wrong is probably what his lawyer told him to say while they negotiate a deal.

So, what the GOP strategy is for 2024 rests upon the idea that if they simply don’t say anything about January 6th, it may go away. And this is certainly the explanation for how and why the GOP elected one stone, hard, insurrection-denier like Mike Johnson as House Speaker yesterday.

This guy, who is someone without much of a political resume, he’s just a dipshit from a dipshit Congressional district in a dipshit Confederate state, will pretend that nothing which happened in D.C. before he was elected Speaker will be a topic of GOP conversation now that he’s holding the gavel and sitting in the Speaker’s chair.

You got a taste of this when he was asked at his initial meeting with the media how he felt about January 6th, and before he could answer, the House GOP members around him started to boo and yell at the media person to shut the fuck up.

Actually, when you stop to think about it, acting as if the GOP Congressional caucus in either the Senate or the House has absolutely nothing to say about anything which happened in D.C. before today is probably a clever way for the GOP to go.

And I suspect that this is a message which they hope will be heard by Orange Shithead as well, because if he would shut the fuck up about the 2020 election, maybe he’d have a chance to actually beat Joe in 2024.

The new Speaker has pledged to work “in good faith’ with the Democrat(ic) Party and maintain civility in the House. Maintain civility with a caucus which includes Marjorie Taylor Greene?

And by the way, before everyone gets all excited because Johnson says he wants to get things moving in a positive direction in the House, just remember that he happens to be the Congressman from Louisiana’s 4th District, which is largely the rural, mostly-white area away from New Orleans and the coast, and where they are still fighting the Civil War, or at least the culture war as it is defined today.

This is a schmuck who actually referred in print and public to homosexuality as “inherently unnatural” that would lead to legalizing pedophilia and would destroy democracy in the United States. He’s been a staunch defender of laws which made gay marriage illegal, and his website calls on government to ‘embrace’ cultural influences like religious belief.

In other words, this guy’s a real putz and he’ll be a perfect leader to keep the GOP in line as the Donald Trump convictions begin to pile up.

Why anyone actually believes that the GOP can remain a threat to the Democrat(ic) Party when it’s led by Orange Shithead and Mike Anti-gay Johnson is beyond me.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think that what the Democrats need to do is somehow make sure that not only does Trump get nominated to head the GOP ticket in 2024, but he picks a moron to be his running-mate, someone really stupid like Lauren Boebert or MTG.

If Joe and the Democrats can’t wallop that bunch and end Mike Johnson’s tenure as Speaker after just 14 months, they don’t deserve to call themselves a national political party and own 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four years.

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