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The GOP Splits in Three.

Let me put it to you this way. If the Democrats can’t hold onto one, if not both Congressional chambers in November, they might consider just shutting down and getting out of politics altogether.

Why do I say this? Because the opposition – the GOP – has become a stupid, disgraceful, and altogether bunch of useless, half-assed sycophants that it’s getting difficult to take them seriously at all.

The GOP came together not at one, not at two, but at three national confabs this past weekend. Two of these events were held in Orlando, the third was held in Washington, D.C. And when you put them all together what you get is a political party which has lost even the most simple and obvious plan for what a national political party should be.

Let’s start with CPAC and Donald Trump. He showed up last night and gave a rambling, boring and altogether nonsensical speech which went on for more than 45 minutes in which he said that Joe Biden was ‘too weak’ to be President at least 12 times. He rambled on about some videos he’s going to put out next week which show ‘tens of thousands’ of illegal votes being ‘harvested’ in swing states.

Of course, Putin would never have invaded Ukraine because Trump would have told him that it wasn’t a ‘good idea.’ And Putin would listen to Trump because they are ’friends.’

This was how a former President of the United States talked about one country invading another country – it wasn’t a ‘good idea.’ I gave up watching Trump’s speech at that point.

Meanwhile, down the street from the CPAC meeting there was another confab being held by the America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) which was organized by a white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, who makes no secret of the fact that the United States needs to return to its White roots.

Who else but Marjorie Taylor Greene would show up at this meeting and deliver a speech? She then went over to CPAC where Trump greeted her and told everyone that she was really a ‘great person’ who was doing ‘great things.’

Meanwhile, back in D.C. yet another bunch of Republicans who call themselves Principles First, held a ‘summit meeting’ to make sure that everyone understands the importance and value of conservative ‘principles’ which aren’t dead. These principles form the ‘foundation’ of American conservatism and can be found in the writings of Burke, Locke, Smith, and John Stuart Mill.

I note the absence of any principles enunciated by Donald Trump and the MAGA 'movement.'

So, the bottom line is that if you’re a GOP activist, you can get involved with three different efforts to make America great again before the Democrats completely trash things and let the radical Socialists continue to rule the day. You can join CPAC and help Donald Trump restore ‘law and order’ to those Democrat-led, sanctuary cities where blood is ‘running in the street.’ Or you can join AFPAC and help ‘revive working-class patriotism’ to protect us from globalism. Or you can show up at the Principles First meeting or just go to their website and buy a tote bag, a sweatshirt, or a coffee mug.

Hey – wait just a goddamn minute! How come there’s no online store for CPAC or AFPAC? Do I actually have to show up at their meetings to come home with some crap? I thought these organizations believe in America. What’s more American than buying a t-shirt which will probably shrink to half its size after one wash?

Here’s the fantasy that was circling around my brain after I woke up this morning and looked at the online news from Ukraine. It turns out the Russian army appears to be unable to make any real strategic gains in Ukraine at all. And now that the U.S. and its allies are sending more than one thousand Stinger and Javelin missiles to Ukraine, so much for how the Russian air force or armor will be able to support the troops on the ground.

I would love to see the Putin government collapse and Putin himself get out of town as quick as he can. And where would he end up? At Mar-a-Lago, where else?

But he better show up with some cash because Donald Trump won’t let him stay beyond a weekend unless Putin starts paying rent.

Perfect, just perfect.

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
27 févr. 2022

It's being reported that there is pressure being placed on President Biden start up the Keystone (XL pipeline) again and start drilling on federal lands under the pretense that it is really hindering the U.S. It is said that had President Biden not taken these steps when he first came into office that Putin never would have attacked Ukraine.

Democrats just need to stay focused and keep our Presidents Clean Energy policies in place and they will not have to worry about keeping both Congressional chambers in November.

I hear people say they are worried about the gas prices going up two or three dollars more per gallon and this will drive up other goods and services that are already…

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